Chakkiligintha Movie Review

  • Film : Chakkiligintha
  • Producer : Ch. Narasimha Chary, Narasimha Reddy Ilavala
  • Director : Vema Reddy
  • Star Cast : Sumanth Ashwin, Rehana...
  • Music Director : Mickey J Meyer

Sumanth Ashwin and Rehana have teamed up for an youthful movie and it has been titled as Chakkiligintha which has been directed by Vema Reddy. The movie has hit the screens today.

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Adi (Sumanth Ashwin) is a fun going college guy who has good clarity on girls. His friends face many problems having girl friends and he suggests them about ‘Avoid Girls’ which makes them happy. Then enters Avanthika (Rehana) who leads the batch of girls and plans to teach the boys a lesson. She traps Adi who falls for her and the rest of the story is about how Adi impresses and makes her fall for him.

Analysis :


The first half of Chakkiligintha starts with loads of entertainment and fun sequences; however the movie dips down in between and continues sailing with the same pace. The movie loses interest in between and at parts the movie gets interesting. On the whole the first half of the film just touches the average mark.

The second half of the film starts on a faster pace and it dips down badly after 20 minutes. The pace goes down gradually testing the patience of the audience. The original plot has been sidelined leaving the film sinking down. The second half of the movie is the minus point of the movie.

Performance :


Sumanth Ashwin has excelled as Adi and he will soon join the race of big league. Rehana has an important role and she performed with her eyes and expressions. She has made an impressive debut. All the other characters and college gang did justice for their assigned roles.

The story of the film has been narrated different. The screenplay and dialogues have been taken lot of care but the second half of the movie had been dosed with unwanted emotions which spoil the impact. The photography and the music are the highlights of the film and so is the background score. The producers have spent lavishly for the movie which brings a rich feel. Director Vema Reddy failed to narrate the film with clarity and the emotional scenes could not impress the audience. On the whole Chakkiligintha is not an impressive debut.

Final Word: Chakkiligintha is a below average film with second half making lot of difference after an average first half. Except the performance of the lead actors, the movie offers nothing.


(AW- Siva Kumar)