OK Bangaram Movie Review

by Aravind
OK Bangaram Movie Review
  • Rating:
    2.75 out of 5 (2.75/5)
  • Director:
    Mani Ratnam
  • Cast:
    Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menon
  • Banner:
    Madras Talkies, Sri Venkateshwara Creations
  • Producer:
    Mani Ratnam
  • Music:
    A. R. Rahman
  • Release Dt :
    Apr, 17 2015


Aadi (Salman Dulquar) and Taara (Nithya Menon) who are anti to the term marriage meet at a marriage and become good friends. Both of them likes and respects each other for the identity of the minds. Their identity is even felt on the seriousness they carry on their respective ambitions and professions.  As days passed, their friendship starts growing and after a  particular stage, they finally decide to live in a relationship.

Everything goes well throughout the time they lived together. But changes start when Aadi gets an offer to fly to US.

The rest of the movie is how they realize that they are in love and get married to each other.


OK Bangaram Movie Review

When compared with the second half, the first half of the movie is better. The typical Mani's style of narration can be experienced here after long time. The hardcore fans of Mani who follows his style of narration, can experience the flavor of Sakhi in the first half.

The main reason for the total spoilage of the film is the second half. The narration was very poor or to say completely degraded as most of the scenes were expected by the audience before hand. A director like Mani who once directed prestigious movies of India is not supposed to attempt this type of narration, many felt. Second half is a very big downfall to the movie.  

But the major drawback is, unnecessary twists in many scenes which actually killed the flavor of the film. The layman minimum expectation when he actually saw the poster, was nowhere found  in the film. AR Rehman is the one who saved the film through the apt audio. For many scenes, the song figures out the facts and their mentalities which when observed well in the songs, only then can be enjoyed on the scenes too. Cinematography took the movie to another level, gave the film, a feel of a big star movie or in fact to say, it gave a feel of a typical Mani style of movies like Geethanjali, Sakhi, Roja etc, where continuously, the environment of the film seems to be like breezy, cloudy, dull and all such related.


Dulquar Salman is proved to be best in whatever scenes he was allocated for. He performed all the emotions like love, romance, etc very perfectly. Nithya Menon who was previously seen in few Telugu films, made herself appear unique in Ok bangaram, be it her dialogue delivery, acting or what ever, she gives a feel of a watching a fresh face. Need not comment on Prakash Raj's performance that too for Mani's film. All the other actors were good enough on their part.
The Narration is the major drawback of the film. It makes much more boring of what actually the script is. The dialogues have been decent and good as usual just like a typical Mani's film.  The music and the background score along with the cinematography are the highlights of the film. They made the film sit on the top. The production values were not seen compromised at any shot, they are rich.

Final Word

OK Bangaram is far different from what is generally expected from a director like Mani or at least what is expected from the cool posters released before the film was out into theaters.  It can be considered as a one time watch movie, at least for the fans of  AR Rehman who need a visual experience to those decent tunes.


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