RangiTaranga Movie Review And Ratings

by Aravind
RangiTaranga Movie Review And Ratings
  • Rating:
    3.5 out of 5 (3.5/5)
  • Director:
    Anup Bhandari
  • Cast:
    Nirup Bhandari, Saikumar, Avantika Shetty, Radhika Chetan
  • Banner:
    Sri Devi Entertainers
  • Producer:
    H. K. Prakash
  • Music:
    Anup Bhandari
  • Release Dt :
    Jul, 03 2015

RangiTaranga Story


There are movies that often scare the audience either with the music or with jump scares. Drawing examples from the movies Insedeous or The Conjuring, the audiences are now well aware of how a movie generally works. Filmmakers are becoming more and more mundane with the way they approach the movie. But, here is a movie that breaks all the odds and puts out a brilliant story with all the horror elements in place. RangiTaranga, a Kannada movie which released recently has won the hearts of a lot of people across the world. Not only does it capture the horror essence, but gives an innate feel. The new wave around it will leave you feeling haunted. The good part about the movie is that, it doesn’t stick to just one genre. The director, Anup Bhandari, has played with different genres to suit the screenplay and storyline.  While the genre, horror, can sometimes backstab in the box office collection, Rangitaranaga gets a thumbs up from all the critics as well as from the audience.


The good news about this particular movie is that it can satisfy two different kinds of audience. One, who just wants to feel scared and spooked and enjoy the movie, per se. The other set of audiences who appreciate the technicality of the movie and enjoy the movie for its genuine storyline. The detailing of shots and stories linked to it is one of the main reasons why the movie has made big  among the audience. The purposes of these main characters, the mystery surrounding the place, their dark past and how these arcs connect together forms the main crux of the plot.. Another involvement in this movie can be the various number of times the director will make you think about the story. Four different people with different purposes end up at one place and are bound to discover something which will leave you awestruck. Though the first half is long and attempts at only revealing the characters, the second half sums up and reveals all the confusions created in the first half. Frequent twists keeps the viewers feeling intrigued till the end.

RangiTaranga Analysis

RangiTaranga Movie Review And Ratings

Technically, the movie will make heads turn. This would be the first time that  Hollywood technicians are handling the cinematography for a Kannada film. ‘Lance Kalpan’ and ‘David Williams’ have brought life to the already bright story. The interesting cinematography will make you bite your nails and jump up your seats. As for the music and background music, ‘Anup Bhandari’ and ‘B. Ajaneesh Loknath’, have made it spine chilling. It can even be said that B. Ajaneesh is the third hero of the movie for his startling talent.


It is a proven fact that the young actors are doing a better job than the age old experienced ones. This theory is yet again proved right in this movie. Debutante ‘Nirup Bhandari’ (Gautham in the movie) has done a great job as the lead of the movie. Good looks and great theatre background come in handy for this young chap who has taken the faith of Kannada filmmakers to the next level. The new finds ‘Avanthika’ and ‘Radhika’ have done justice to their roles as the lead heroines. Though the involvement of Radhika is much lesser when compared to Avanthika, the director has his own reasons to have given Radhika, a subtle yet mark making character. 


The movie, though, does not have many known faces, there is one famous and well known actor, Saikumar who has already proved his niche in many languages, is predominantly from the Telugu industry. His acting and character roles have fetched him a great name amongst the audience. Having a long lasting past in the movie industry, his struggles to become an actor is not something that everyone knows. Having Sivaji Ganesan as his role model, this amazing actor marched towards more struggles and finally cracked his screen presence in supporting roles and acted in many famous movies like Agni I.P.S., Major Chandrakanth, Police Story and so on. The legendary actor is famous for his voice modulation and living his roles to the fullest. Not just this, he also has a great past record in the Tamil movie industry and worked for a number of famous directors S.P Muthuraman, Perararsu, Chimbu Devan and many more.

Owner of  two Filmfare awards for his acting in Telugu cinema. He started his career as a dubbing artist from his childhood and went up to acting in various movies and presenting TV shows. Known for his amazing voice modulation and diction, he has proven his charm in more than 50 movies in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil respectively. Hailing from a movie family, SaiKumar’s father, late P.J.Sharma, was also a well known dubbing artist who worked for over 500 movies and acted in a good 150 movies in both Telugu and Kannada language.

Saikumar’s brothers, are also in the dubbing industry like him. SaiKumar followed his father’s footsteps, having dubbed for Suman and Rajeshekar for many of their films. His interest and dedication to dialogue delivery and Telugu diction has taken him to great heights both personally and professionally. Owning a number of awards in his pocket, like FilmFare, Nandi Award, Tv9 awards and many others, the actor stands tall and high in the eyes of many veteran directors and actors.

Known for his amazing acting skills and being the dubbing king, the actor opens new waves in his recent movie, RangiTaranga. In this movie, Saikumar, plays a very important role called ‘KaaLinga Bhat’. The dubbing king has carved a position for himself and has played an amazing role in the movie. It is touted that he has not been seen in such a bridging role before and this could be one of its kind. His acting is inexplicable, stupendous and has given the character ‘KaaLinga’ a special mention.

RangiTaranga Final Word

People often confuse rich visuals to richly spent visuals. This movie has proved that you need not have richly spent visuals to make an attempt this promising. From the genuine storyline to acting, music, cinematography and lyrics, the movie has various reasons for you to immediately watch the great attempt by the team. Kudos and hats off team!

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  • RangiTaranga Movie Review And Ratings
  • RangiTaranga Movie Review And Ratings