The Five Must-Have Fashion Accessories Every Fashionista Must Own

October 27, 2017 19:28
The Five Must-Have Fashion Accessories Every Fashionista Must Own

The Five Must-Have Fashion Accessories Every Fashionista Must Own:- Are you a fashion freak? Then, you must be well knowing about the accessories that accentuate your outfits to another level altogether.

Well, how you have managed to style that outfit, lies in between you and the some other girl wearing the same top. And that is how, people are differentiated by fashion mostly. You can make even the simplest outfits look stylish, if you are good with accessories. All you need to know is that the trick lies in accessories as well. 

Listed below are some of the must-have accessories for every fashionista.

A) Scarf


(Image Source: Lochcarron of Scotland)

A scarf in your handbag will also make a good difference, whether you are going to college or to work. Now-a-days, you get different types of scarf in different colors. Just wrap scarf around your neck with a white tee and denims. We bet, you would just look casual and chic. Add a touch of fun to your ethnic look, by teaming up a scarf with kurtas.

B) Chokers


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It was some years ago that the trend of wearing chokers started. Believe it or not, it is still is a favorite among fashionistas. Just adorn any outfit and team it up with a choker too to look like a red carpet diva. So, chokers are a must-have fashion accessory this season.

C) Fancy Watches

Fancy Watches

(Image Source: ebay)

When talking about accessories, how can we not mention watches. You get watches that are not the typical kinds, these days. You will find watches with fancy dials and straps and some watches look like bracelets as well. This should definitely be added to your closet.

D) Sunglasses


(Image Source: Myntra)

The sunglasses not only provides protection from sub rays especially when you are out on beach vacations, but are also and excellent fashion statement.

Make your outfit look glamorous by just a pair of sunglasses.  you can buy wayfarers and cat sun glasses from any one, as they are the trend. Make sure that you buy one that you know will suit your face, before you invest in a good pair of sunglasses.

E) Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry

(Image Source:

Some of the most preferred statement jewelry pieces in today’s times are chunky neck pieces, bracelets, hoopla earrings. It gives a touch of chic and the only trick is to ensure that you do not go overboard.

All your outfits will look extra glamorous, if you have these 5 accessory pieces in your wardrobe. It is sure to add an oomph factor !


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