10 Best Fashion Tips For New Moms

August 01, 2017 17:23
10 Best Fashion Tips For New Moms

10 Best Fashion Tips For New Moms:- The first phrase I think I uttered the most after my first daughter was born was “What the heck?!”

I just said it out loud every time I had to change my daughter’s diapers and I think I said it to myself every single time I looked at myself in the mirror. I am not going to lie, after she was born, my body changed in the most heinous ways. If my clothes fir, they fit totally differently than they did before.

If you are a new mom and this sounds like a lot like what you are going through too, know that these atrocities are totally normal, and for the most part, temporary. Listed below are few postpartum style tips that you need to know about. These tips will help you put together new outfits and share ways to handle the stress of realizing just how much these baby hormones wrecked your body.

Best Fashion Tips For New Moms

Our new baby bodies can make us feel less confident, but one should not fear ! Soon these new “traits” will fade into normalcy as your hormones even out and you learn to cope with them better. That adorable baby face smiling up at you will remind you that your under-eye bags and saggy stomach are all worth it.

Fashion Tips For New Moms  

1) Pattern Hide Stains And Leaks

Pattern Hide Stains And Leaks

Do you remember when your milk came in for the first time? It would be a vivid reminder for many that you are not in charge of your chest area anymore. Being able to feed your child is amazing. But, being out in public with a breast-milk soaked shirt, not so much.

Fashion Tip: At disgusting leaks that are out of your control, the patterned shirts are fantastic. Choose something with a light pattern in a mix of light and dark colors.

2) It Is Fine To Still Wear Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes

You may think that you will be able to jump right back into your pre-baby clothes when you get home from the hospital, but that is not usually the case.

Fashion Tip: Maternity clothes, which are super stylish these days, can be worn for as long as you need to wear them. Maternity jeans, especially, look great but provide a little extra room. They are especially good for C-section incisions as they wear higher on your waist.

3) Oh, The Frizz

The Frizz

After the birth of your child, the texture of your hair may be completely changed and kinky in only certain places, and the whole head may become one big frizz ball. It would be frustrating to not be able to tame your hair and make it act like it used to. But it could be temporary.

Fashion Tip : The best solution is to deep condition your hair at least once a week, use a leave-in conditioner daily, and use a finishing cream with frizz control as a last ditch effort to smooth the fly aways.

4) Black Pants Are Your Best Friend

Black Pants

Childbirth is messy. And it continues to be messy for the first few days or maybe even weeks of motherhood. Black pants are really great at hiding any blood that may leak, saving everyone a little embarrassment.

Fashion tip: Choose a comfortable option with a little stretch, and then wear the heck out of them. These comfy black pants will remain your go-to option, even after you get the all clear; at your six week check up.

5) Invest In Nice Looking Granny Panties

Granny Panties

You will rebound in horror at the odd mesh granny panties they give you in the hospital for after childbirth. And then, after a few hours, you will likely start thinking that you will never wear a thong again.

This does not mean to give up your sexy outfits altogether, it is only to check out your underwear options. They make some really great looking, full back options, even though the term granny panties is highly unsexy. For the first few weeks of baby’s life, you would be spending a lot of time at home. And there is no reason, you should not be as comfortable as possible.

6) Try Bra Inserts For Shrunken Boobs

Bra Inserts For Shrunken Boobs

Buy the smallest cup size and use bra inserts to help fill out the cup.

Fashion Tip: Bra inserts ensure that there is no shelf effect between the shirt you are wearing and the empty space where your breasts should be.

7) Use Scarves To Hide The Unevenness Of Nursing Pads

Unevenness Of Nursing Pads

Whether you decide to nurse until your kid is four or stop after a few weeks, you will probably have to use nursing pads. Sure, they do what they are supposed to. But oftentimes they end up looking lumpy and uneven. The way they drape will distract from the exact area you are trying to hide. You can find one that fits your pre-baby style as luckily scarves come in different patterns. Style is something that will boost you up and help you forget about your wobbly boobs.

8) Think About Easy Access

Easy Access

If you are nursing, pumping, or even in the process of weaning, you want to look for clothes with easy access to the milk supply.

Fashion tip: Button-up shirts are a great idea, as are spaghetti-strap tops and maxi dresses. You can easily feed baby with nursing tank tops with built in support, and not have to worry about wearing a bra as well. Although they sell clothing designed especially for nursing, you do not really need to buy them. Aside from a nursing bra or tank, you can get by with items you probably already have in your closet.

9) Tunics And Leggings Are Forgiving

Tunics And Leggings

You will wear them after you have a baby, no matter what your stance is on the leggings debate. The form-fitting bottoms pair really well with a flowy tunic top. A loose top will help disguise any extra stomach you are working with once you leave the hospital. When it hits you about mid-thigh, where your leg starts to narrow toward your knee, the length of the tunic is best. The great thing about this outfit is that it can be dressed up with a pair of boots or dressed down with some sandals.

10) Buy Some Comfy Shoes, Since Your Feet May Grow A Size!

Comfy Shoes

Many new moms find that their feet grow a size larger after baby. Make sure you are prepared in case this happens to you by having a pair of flip flops ready. That way, you will be able to run errands (like, to buy new shoes) and not have to wear slippers. Do not be that person. There may be a little adjustment period as you find which shoes still fit you and which ones need to be donated.


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