5 reasons classic watch never goes out of fashion

May 02, 2016 17:08
5 reasons classic watch never goes out of fashion

Watch is so common thing, where you find in any small phone. That is the reason, most of the people, stopped using the wrist watches. But the real fashion passionate women would still love to hook up to the classic watches. Below are the five reasons for it.

1. Need not brighten in the hot sun

How would the struggle be, when you are trying to increase the brightness of your smartphone, just to know the time, when you are under the hot sun. Why to struggle, when you have a chance of substituting the situation with a wrist classic watch!

2. Need not upgrade or charge

Watch is not your smartphone or app in it, to upgrade it, to catch up the latest version. You will not have any charging issues too. Once it is a watch, it will be a watch, till the end.

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3. Extends style

A watch makes one feel like the ultimate indulgence. It punctuates any look and is an extension of your style. Choose a traditional shaped watch, but be particular about the details like picking a dress watch with a bold leather strap.

4. Perfect gift
When you are struggling to buy something to gift your loved ones, what can be better than a watch, which can remind your loved ones regularly your love for them, with its tick-ticks on their wrists.  

Rose gold has been in the good demand in the fashion market. Pretty pink metal would be the latest classic.

5. Creative art work

Unlike the modern watches powered by the electricity, there are even several watches that still run on the old school mechanics. Tick sounds, spinning cogs, gears and countless tiny springs, all assembled by hand, makes one feel wearing some creative art work on the wrist.

By Phani Ch

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