Reasons Why You Should Not Plug In Your Earphones For A Long Time

September 23, 2022 10:58
Reasons Why You Should Not Plug In Your Earphones For A Long Time

Reasons Why You Should Not Plug In Your Earphones For A Long Time:- Listening to songs has become the best pass time for everyone. When it is in the gym or during traveling, most of the youth keep their earphones on. Music is the best healing option told several surveys and experts. But there are consequences when you are keeping your earphones for a longer time. Keeping the earphones on for a long time will damage your ears. Here are the reasons:

If you use the earphones at a high volume for a long time, you can suffer from complete or partial hearing loss. This is called as noise-induced hearing loss.

Dr. Kalpana Nagpal, ENT Specialist in Apollo Hospitals said "When sound waves reach your ears, vibrations are created in the eardrum. The small bones in your ear transmit these vibrations to the cochlea, which is a fluid-filled chamber in your ear lined with thousands of small hair. Once the sound vibrations reach your cochlea, the fluid inside vibrates, causing the hair to move. If the volume is high, the vibrations get stronger, causing the hair to move more often".

The hair cells will take some time to recover from extreme vibrations that is caused by a loud noise. This results in temporary loss of hearing. Long exposure for loud noise can have an impact on the hair cells. These cells can be damaged and cease to function normally. This leads to permanent loss of hearing.

Using earphones for a long time can also lead to ear infections. It causes the growth of bacteria. It also leads to dizziness. Earphones will create a barrier and will prevent earwax. This can lead to several issues like pain, itching, tinnitus and dizziness.

Earphones for long duration can lead to hyperacusis, a condition that leads to normal environmental sounds. The noise can also damage the hair cells in the cochlea.

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