Earphones tangled all the time?

March 06, 2013 18:07
Earphones tangled all the time?

Earphones, the cheaper quality ones especially, have wires that can get tangled quite easily and can be a pain in the neck to get untangled. How to prevent the earphones from getting tangled all the time?

There are cord winders available in the market around which you can just wrap your cords to keep them manageable.

For those who don't want any purchasing, keep the headphones side on the back of the phone or your media player across the screen facing the narrower side.

Put a finger on the wire against the back of the case and start winding the cable over the already present wire (with the ear pieces) gently with loosely wound loops.

Continue to do so until all the wire is exhausted and you are left with the jack or pin part of the wire.

Carefully tuck it inside the loops of the wire that is wound around your player. Unwind and use, repeat.

(AW- Anil)

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