Black spots, not for you!

November 28, 2011 12:09
Black spots, not for you!

Who does not dream for a spotless, blemish free, clear skin. These days, even when men are concentrating on their look and spending time at parlors, grooming them for a better, we being Women and being beautiful being our basic right, we need to take that ‘extra’ care in transforming our skin to better looking first, followed by using all those cosmetics that would enhance our beauty. And one of the biggest hurdles of our beauty is dark spots on our face that would not get covered even after applying several coats of foundation on our face. And what not we do to get rid of them? We use the costliest cream possible, take all the care while we are out of home, and apply neem face packs, lime, papaya, and everything that would be advised to us.

But have ever thought why do dark spots rule our face? It could be because of we being back of that pimple on our face, pressing and taking the puss out of them, removing black and white heads by pressing them harsh with our hands, changing the creams often, ignoring to apply the sun block many times, not washing our face at regular intervals, the reason could be anything or all the above. So, along with the daily care regime, stop doing all those above in order to avoid the new black spots arising on your face, as you know once they arise, it would take some months for them to disappear. Along with this, here are some more tips that can make black spots on your face appear light;

It is essential to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, if you wish to prevent black spots on the face. Use a good sunscreen and apply it as least 30 minutes before you step out in to the sun. 

Try applying a mixture of lemon juice and tomato juice on your face on the spots. This will help fade dark spots on the face as both ingredients have natural bleaching properties. Leave this mixture on overnight and wash off with lukewarm water the next morning.

Onion and garlic juice is also a known remedy to fade black spots or dark spots. Apply this mixture on the black spots and leave on for 15 minutes. Be sure to wash your face thoroughly after doing this so that the smell of the mixture is washed off as well.

Another remedy to remove black spots on the face is to use freshly cut slices of vegetables. This remedy is even more beneficial if you cut the vegetables and chill them before rubbing the slices on the black spots.

Milk and honey is also a good mixture to rub on your face. You can also use sour milk or butter milk, both contain lactic acid. This acid lightens the skin as it has a gentle peeling affect, but it does not damage the skin. Honey is known for its beneficial properties for the skin, and can be also applied with wheat germ or even alone.

Most citrus fruits (like lemon) are rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin contains natural bleaching properties. All you need to do is apply some citrus fruit onto a cotton ball and massage the black spot with it.

Make a thick paste out of sandalwood powder, rose water, glycerin, and lemon juice. Apply this paste onto the black spots and leave on till it dries. Use cold water to wash off.

Work on achieving a spot less skin tone!

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