Womanhood New Experience Every time

November 08, 2013 17:07
Womanhood New Experience Every time

Out of all experiences a woman gets right from childhood, motherhood is the most exciting and memorable experience. A motherhood makes a woman feel fullness and proud. The excitement is more than first date or marriage or nuptials.  Motherhood is something nature has bestowed upon a woman as part of its delegation of expansion and growth of the creation.

Though it is a thrilling experience one gets only on a few occasions in one’s life, the experience is worth living for woman.  But one has to be careful right from the moment one is aware and confirmed of the pregnancy as a change will gradually occur in the entire body system.

During pregnancy a number of hormones will be developed in the body such as estrogen, progesterone, and gonadotropin.  In addition to the hormones a new organ also will develop which is called placenta which is a temporary organ for the purpose of working as endocrine to secret hormones necessary for pregnancy, labor and nursing.

The physical appearance of a woman gets many changes in addition to the apparent bulge of stomach.  There will be changes in the face, breasts, hair etc.

Some of the following symptoms also may be experienced by some women in pregnancy.  But remember that the hormones developed at the stage of pregnancy make changes in the body to make a healthy environment for the baby’s growth.

Breast tenderness, gingivitis, an inflammation and bleeding of the gums, swelling of face, hands or ankles, widening of the hips, stretch marks, heartburn, cand hemorrhoids, wider and longer feet and dizziness related to increased blood volume.

Mostly the body is maintained with the food habits and amount and type of physical movement one will have during pregnancy.  Hydrated and fiber rich foods can control constipation.  Intake of small quantities of food with small intervals makes you feel lightness of the body and ease in the movements.  Although the changes in the body are temporary in nature and good for the baby, one should not keep the changes a secret from the doctor making regular checkups.  


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