Top Six Body Mists Every Woman Must Have In Her Handbag

October 06, 2017 18:47
Top Six Body Mists Every Woman Must Have In Her Handbag

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Top Six Body Mists Every Woman Must Have In Her Handbag:- Keeping a body mist handy is what every woman would love to do. We, apparently, would not replace our favorite perfumes with them, but the easiest available option for us to carry in our handbag daily is a body mist.

The body mists are light, airy and easy-to-use and carry. When you want to smell good but not too strongly, these are the perfect choice. And do you know what is the best part about body mists?

Unlike the perfumes that cost a bomb, they are pretty affordable. And especially if you take the local transport daily, the packaging of body mists also keeps them safe from breaking. Since body mists are filled with so much goodness, here is our list of the top six body mists that every woman must have in her handbag.

A) Kama Ayurveda Pure Vetiver Water Body Mist

Kama Ayurveda Pure Vetiver Water Body Mist

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The Kama Ayurveda Pure Body Mist has a earthy fragrance and it comes in a small bottle. One spray of this body mist will leave you refreshed and it is very light. The fragrance of this amazing body mist will stay the whole day. And guess the price of it? It costs only around Rs 175. This implies that you can stock up on many bottles of this awesomeness.

B) Playboy Play it Spicy Body Mist – For Women

Playboy Play Body Mist

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You will love its body mist specially made for women, if you love Playboy. The fragrance is not too strong and it is long lasting and the advantage of this spray mist is you can arry this during your long journeys. It costs approximately Rs 360 and this is a must-have.

C) Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Body Mist

Victoria Secret

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Well, this should be your very first option, if you are somebody who loves to splurge on body mists. Fancily packaged with amazing fragrance, the Victoria’s Secret body mist can never go wrong. We are sure you will not want to change your product, once you try this body mist. Little expensive, this product is worth every penny you spend. It costs around Rs 1000.

D) Wottagirl Body Spray Vanilla Twist

Wottagirl Body Spray

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A budget-friendly product, the Wottagirl Body Spray fragrance has a refreshing change from the usual floral ones. It has a refreshing vanilla fragrance with a feminine touch to it. Most women prefer this body mist, because it is easy to carry. Wottagirl costs around Rs 200 only.

E) Fabindia Island Mist Body Spray

Fabindia Island Mist Body Spray

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The Fabindia island body spray is not really feminine, but the fragrance stays for a long period of time. This should be your top choice, if you like pleasant, mild and natural fragrances. Few sprays of this body mist will keep you refreshed throughout the day. Buy this product for only Rs 230.

F) The Body Shop White Musk Chiffon Sheer Body Mist

Body Shop White Musk

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This one is for those women who do not mind splurging a little. The Body Shop White Musk Chiffon body mist is a perfect combination of jasmine, rose and also amber. You should buy the Body Shop body mist, if you love this combination. The cost of this product is Rs 1100 approximately.

So, the next time you go shopping, you know what to buy right? All these body mists fall under a range of prices suiting everybody’s budget.


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