The Six Things Which Women Should Never Do To Her Vagina

October 26, 2017 20:11
The Six Things Which Women Should Never Do To Her Vagina

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The Six Things Which Women Should Never Do To Her Vagina:- The most beautiful, very delicate and yet a little messy body part in woman is vagina. It is the root of pleasure, those annoying menstrual cramps every month and a new life. The vagina is the most important body part of a woman and as you would give attention to other parts, it also requires the same. You will be more prone to infections, if you do not take good care of your vagina.

You certainly do not want that now. Do you? Just avoid these things, to make sure that your vagina is clean and well maintained. There are certain things to know which you should never do to your vagina. Have a look at those six things listed below.

A) Wearing A Tight Underwear

Wearing A Tight Underwear

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Let us start with the basic things. Never wear a tight underwear, especially if you have a long day ahead. Wearing such ones will cause sweating and also chafing of the skin. It gives way to more heat and moisture, if there is sweat around your vagina and that can in turn lead to a risk of yeast infection.

B) Getting Your Vagina Pierced

Getting Your Vagina Pierced

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The recent trend these days is piercings in private areas. Just because you think it is cool, do not do it. Because, this will cause some serious damage to your vagina. By getting a piercing done down there, you are making it easily prone to infections, since vagina is a very sensitive area. And moreover, it can lead to nerve damage, if the piercing is not done properly. You could be at a risk of contracting HIV, STDs and maybe hepatitis B too, if you are getting a piercing done at a shop you are not familiar with.

C) Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal Steaming

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There are several celebrities who swear by this procedure. But, when we say, vaginal steaming, it is a very bad idea. For those who do not know, vaginal steam is a procedure where you sit on a chair and the steam is blown towards your vagina. You can see this in several spas and they even promote it.

Vaginal Steaming

And do you know what happens with this vaginal steaming? The sensitive skin around your vagina can be burnt. Moreover, it can also damage your bladder or rectum.

D) Practicing Vaginal Douching

Practicing Vaginal Douching

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Well, most of the women do it and also practice it. That does not mean it is good for your vagina. Some women, to wash the vagina use water and vinegar. However, this is one of the worst habits ever.

The pH balance of the vagina will be messed up and that again will lead to infections. Shooting water inside the vagina or douching is not a good idea at all.

E) Shaving Away All Your Pubic Hair

Shaving Away All Your Pubic Hair

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Did you know why your vagina has so much hair? Well, the reason is to keep your private area protected and also to absorb moisture if any. It also keeps your vagina free of any infections like genital warts or even herpes. A good idea to remove your public hair would be trimming, but, shaving it off completely is definitely a No-No !

F) Using Harmful S** Toys

Using Harmful Toys

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Indeed, s** should be a little adventurous. However, do not use s** toys in the name of adventure, that can potentially harm you. It can lead to intense bleeding, even due to a slightest cut inside the vagina. You do not have to feel embarrassed, in case you hurt yourself. Always consult a doctor, in emergency cases.


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