‘Love the Living’

September 08, 2011 11:25
‘Love the Living’

Love the Living‘Seema and Rohit are involved in a heated argument. Neither of them were aware when did they started off arguing with each other, on what did the argument actually started off and on what are they arguing now. It was after some time later; Seema realized that the situation that made them start a discussion, later leaded towards a strong argument.’

It is not just in the case of Seema and Rohit, many times even you and me end up in an argument with our partners and later start thinking, ‘Man! Why did I argue with him, at the first case’?

Many times, it so happens that, we tend to forget the root cause of any hurdle or a problem and would be so lost in our emotions that we pull the chain of arguments in the discussion. And as a result, this situation will lead to a beginning of another quarrel between you and your partner.

But, apart from blaming your partner, all the time, did you ever thought of sitting back and think, what is making you to not tolerate him and arguing with him? His behavior, those certain things you don’t like in him? His friend’s circle? His irresponsible attitude? Laziness? He not being helpful at your house holds work? He not being a listening end for you? He ignoring you? Not spending quality time with you alone? No more surprise gifts to you? Or what else?

Before asking you, I have put the above questions to myself. And trust me; in my case I have realized that, all these and many day to day factors put together, are making me to behave rude with my partner. It is so happening that, even for a single mistake he does, I end up shouting at him and the argument that has started off him not being clean ends up with him not being responsible. Sounds similar, but if you can read between the words, there is a lot of difference being ‘clean’ and being ‘irresponsible’. The former refers to one’s habit, but the later refers to the entire character and personality itself.

It is not that many other couples don’t fight, argue or quarrel. In fact, it is a proven fact that there is not even a single couple in this entire Universe, who did not end up in an argument, atleast once in their life time. But the difference is, do you know for what you are angry on your partner and from when to where the discussion is going to.

So, what to do? How to control this? Will this lead towards the unbearable consequences in the near future?

Well, it is you to make or break your relationship. Atleast, you try from a positive end. The next time you are angry on your partner and no matter what, want to discuss, let the same be a ‘Discussion’ only and control senses so that you would not bring 100 other situations happened past and club the same with the present situation. Before getting into an argument, make sure that you will stick on to the argument and do not end up in a quarrel. Even before arguing with your partner, just re thinking about the same, weather it is necessary to argue on the situation or to let go off the same. just know for your sake, so you want to life the entire life with a argument each day or a memory for each day? And finally, when you have decided to live with your partner for a life time, then love the living and ignore certain situations that would lead you nowhere, but in a heated argument.

Sunayana Vinay Kumar

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