After a long day at work

January 09, 2013 17:30
After a long day at work

Ohh!!! Really long and tiresome day at work... but, finally managed to give the output at workplace and got home... don't you think you need to relax for a while after all these hours at work? Rather than going for a nap, listening to your favorite music or watching that comedy flick, reading books, you can try out these tips to relax yourself and prepare for yet another lovable day...

This may sound a bit strange but once you are at home after work, find relaxation in cleaning up your room and home... rather than finding this as a duty, feel and enjoy what you are doing. A clean home and surroundings will definitely boost up your mood.

Warm water bath is the best mantra for relaxation. If you have a special bath room or even a bath tub, then nothing like it... just switch on your favorite music and the tap inside the bath room and enjoy the bath.

It is better to write down what you all have done that day, what have you achieved and what made you feel a bit low... even we tend to forget certain situations, these will for sure remain in our sub conscious mind... writing is one of the best way to wipe out all these from our mind, as we put this on paper, think about them for a while and forget later, as our mind and thoughts are occupied by many other things.

Try eating a good meal... remember the meal should be healthy and tasty at the same time. Enjoying the taste of every bite of your meal will definitely up your mood.

If you are in no mood to take an evening walk, at least enjoy the natural atmosphere out there by spending some time at the balcony or even at the terrace space of your apartment or home. The evening breeze can work wonders on lighting up your mood.

Rather than switching on those harsh tube lights, try being in gentle lightening for a while at least. The pleasantness will surround your mood...

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