Splits.... a hurdle for hair growth... but why???

June 26, 2012 10:59
Splits.... a hurdle for hair growth... but why???

Just like many other hurdles to our beauty, we are aware that a lot of splits on hair would prevent the hair from growth... but, have you ever thought to know what causes split ends??? Do it now... you could prevent your splits and grow your hair faster;

Excessive Combing -The more you handle your hair, the likelier it is that you’ll damage it. Many people comb their hair to the point that they are actually ruining it. Excessive combing will cause your hair to break and split at the ends. Avoid split ends by not being so harsh with the comb.

Poor Diet - Poor eating habits affect nearly every aspect of our health. Many people have unhealthy hair because of their diet. A diet lacking essential nutrients causes your hair to dry out. This lack of moisture will eventually cause split ends. You can avoid split ends by following a healthy diet that contains all the essential fatty acids your body needs.

Unprotected Heating - Every day, millions of people cause damage to their hair by using heating appliances. If you don’t protect your hair with a product first, a blow dryer can severely damage your hair, which causes split ends. Blow drying strips away hair's natural moisturizers, leaving it dry and unhealthy. We recommend using H2-Ion. H2-Ion is a split ends treatment that turns the blow dryer into your hair’s best friend.

Towel Drying - If you’re like most people, after you wash your hair you dry it with a towel. Towel drying can be very harmful to the health of your hair. If you rub your hair harshly with the towel, the friction will cause split ends. Instead, you should gently squeeze the water out of your hair with the towel. This will help you to avoid split ends.

So, you have got an idea for the cause of split ends on your hair and I suppose working on preventing these is no big deal... just start a new morning with more protection about your hair...

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