For the Crystal Clear Skin...

July 14, 2012 12:39
For the Crystal Clear Skin...

Weekend is 'on'.... and you have got two long days to work on getting life for your skin. and for that;

1. For these irritants on your forehead, a Chinese doctor prescribes going to sleep at 10pm and waking at 6pm-your liver obviously needs this rest. Practice relaxation techniques to calm your worries.

2. Temple Spots-eat less processed fatty junk food. Replace the fatty foods for cooling water dense foods like cucumber and any types of melon.

3. Spots take 2/3 weeks to form, so   if today you are eating junk food and not taking care-but are thinking ‘oh it’s fine, my skin still looks Ok', well you may just see them trotting round the corner and creating their mountain in 2 weeks time.

4.  You shouldn't pop them. Especially when they haven’t reached 'boiling point' (when they are past the red sensitive to touch stage and have fully purged themselves into having a white head) when they do have a white head always use tissue, but  preferably a  Pimple Extractor  . (Ebay) If you squeeze a spot or pimple before it’s  absolutely  ready you are actually pushing some of the sebum & bacteria back into your pores and causing another spot in the same place or around this one you’ve irritated.

5. Between the brow inhabitants-Try avoiding smoking and alcohol. Exercise daily but, not too strenuous.

6. Rudolf The Red Nose-Stave off the spicy food and garlic for a little while, eating less meat, getting more fresh air every single day with a walk, and eat food with enough vitamin B.

7. Left Cheek (If this cheek is slapped you may not want to turn to the other cheek this time, as you’ll spread your friends!)
Try to keep a positive mood, don’t overeat, try to eat more cooling foods (melons, cucumbers, lettuce), try to decompress and relax,  The liver is the strongest from 1-3 AM. This is  when you should be sleeping.

8. Right Cheek-Avoid mango, wine, seafood and any others that you may be sensitive to. Avoid fast food and junk food. Eat less sugar and exercise between 7am and 9am when lungs are their strongest.

9. Chin and Jaw-Cut out the habit of eating before bed, eat lots of fresh fruit and veg throughout the day. Get your hormones checked and try to get a very good deal of rest, going to bed early and waking up early.

10. When you pop a spot without covering your fingers with tissue, or you touch your spots helplessly throughout the day you are spreading the bacteria – which is calling buddies around for a party for them.

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