Can a shrink cure your acne?

October 06, 2012 10:04
Can a shrink cure your acne?

Acne-prone people could benefit from seeing a psychotherapist!

Forget about breaking the bank over expensive visits to dermatologists or exorbitantly priced skin products. The new mantra to clear skin could come from a simple visit to your shrink! An emerging field of study, called psychodermatology, explains how people with chronic adult acne could benefit from seeing a psychotherapist, based on the fact that emotions adversely affect our appearance.

How it works
Psychologist Dr Seema Hingoranny says, "Thoughts, emotions and feelings have manifestations in the physical form. Stress is also a proven precipitant of acne and disturbs the epidermal permeability barrier, causing inflammatory disorders like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. I have many youngsters who come with acne problems, which a dermatologist has failed to treat. We have been successful at treating them because we have dealt with the disturbing memories stored in the brain."

Since stress is one of the biggest culprits in dermatology, the two branches of psychology and dermatology go hand in hand, says dermatologist Dr Swati Shrivastava. "Many patients have come to me during divorces, break-ups or work tensions with a breakout of pimples. Due to high stress levels, people tend to pick on zits, resulting in a condition called acne excorie. It is essential for such people to get rid of negative feelings. A skin shrink could help do that."

'Saves time, money and pain!'
TV actress Mona Singh is all for the concept of such a healer. "I think emotions can affect the face and body. I have been reading this book called Heal Your Life that says every cell in the body has a soul. We need the power of positive thought, as cells resist growth when there is negativity. A skin shrink saves time, money and pain, so go for it!"

Adds actress Shamita Shetty, "I know that while acne is hereditary, if you're extremely stressed you do break out. When I am stressed I get rashes, so the state of mind does have an influence on the skin. It's very interesting to hear that a psychologist can talk you into glowing skin. I am sure people will make time for it; whatever works, I guess!" she says.

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