Foods that give flawless complexion

July 22, 2013 17:22
Foods that give flawless complexion

While women use cosmetics to hide all the flaws in their skin, there is a less harmful and more natural way to obtain a flawless complexion. Eating certain food have been known to create a good complexion. These mostly include fruits.

Papaya is good for the skin, not only when applied on the surface but also when eaten. Its vitamin C content brightens and tightens the skin. Moving ahead, coconut water is refreshing as well as replenishing. It keeps the skin microbes in control, thereby preventing breakouts and scars.

Black sesame seeds are rich in skin-beautifying nutrients and enables restoration of elasticity and radiance. Beet root reverses dull skin by removing waste inside the cells. Beets also strengthen skin, thereby reducing cellulite.

Lemons also remove toxins from the skin. Additionally, lemons help in keeping the skin hydrated for long periods. Fresh tomato juice is another drink that is extremely skin friendly. Having a glass everyday protects the skin from sun damage.

Go ahead, eat your way to flawless skin.

(AW: Sruthi)

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