Tip to be neutral in every situation

October 06, 2015 14:56
Tip to be neutral in every situation

Life is a puzzle and no one might not completely satisfy their wishes. In those situations, following the below tip, which helps you to be neutral in every situation and makes you feel better.   

When you feel that the things are not going in the way you like, accept the way they are coming to you. Though your heart says not to opt it, make up your mind in such way, so that, you accept it with least or no expectations.

By practicing this technique, your heart feels free and as you accept whatever comes to you, there would be no pain or guilt, even if you do not gain anything from your choice.

On the other side, even if you gain something great from your wrong choice, it does not matter to you much, as you never expected it.

This helps in maturing your mind and makes you accustomed to expect nothing from whatever you choose, and thus only concentrate on the work.  

If this is followed, next time, when you even  choose something which you like and lost the final battle, it would not hurt you much, as you are already accustomed to lose.

Finally, the technique takes you to that level, where you do not expect anything and only concentrates on the work and give the best.     

Always remember, the people who applauded you on your victory can also abuse you, when you lose. So never take the opinions of the people to your mind and only then, nothing effects and helps you to give fine quality of work.    

After all, that is the way to win the life and stay safe and secure. All the best.

By Phani Ch

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