The Eight Best Tips On How To Organize Your Closet Properly

November 03, 2017 16:36
The Eight Best Tips On How To Organize Your Closet Properly

The Eight Best Tips On How To Organize Your Closet Properly:- What is that which takes a toll on our daily lives? Well, the answer to it is school, work, family, friends and relationships. And the last thing anyone likes doing is cleaning.

You may end up tossing it to your closet to deal with another day, on those rare occasions where you are forced to confront your bedroom floor. Imagine a floor that is covered with your clothing from the week, hair care products, and 10 extra pairs of shoes (that you tried on but never wore)?

Your closet usually just gets fuller, as weeks turn into months and this happens to most of us. What could be horrifying is when you cannot find that cute cardigan that is perfect for your white dress, or those matching polka-dot heels for your sweater and that dreaded closet only increases your daily stress levels.

Being unable to locate them, along with the frustration of owning things is quite overwhelming, so it is time to tame the beast and take your wardrobe back! We have listed out some of the best tips for you on how to organize your closet.

A) Clean and Toss

Clean and Toss

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The most tedious part of organizing your closet would be cleaning and tossing probably. But, you need to start with cleaning. Grab a two days from your social calender or busy work schedule and lock yourself in your room and power through it.  

If you have not worn your clothes in the last two years, then there are chances that you are never going to wear them. The best suggestion would be donate everything you do not wear. Get rid of a “goal” dress that you have had since early college, as it could probably be out of style even if it fits now and do not become a hoarder. You can move on to the nitty-gritty of it, once you have distinguished between the clutter and your wardrobe.

B) Hangers


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It is time to buy the real hangers. It is advisable not to buy the plastic black hangers that come with your clothes from the store when the sales associate is too lazy to take them off. Buying the real ones will save your future frustration, when those cheap hangers break in the morning when you are cluttering through outfits, unable to decide.

Another advantage would be it will also keep your clothes from falling to the floor when you rush up through early morning to get ready for work. Your work is only doubled with those flimsy hangers, and are also bad for the clothes that you cherish. As hanging takes seconds in comparison to folding, your cleaning/organizing routine is also simplified through hangers. This may even prompt you to keep up with your clean closet.

C) Hooks


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Have you ever wondered what could be your best friend in your closet? The hooks. Yes, all you can do is to attach different sized hooks at different height levels in accessible places in your closet.

Attach the hooks to the inside of the door, if you have a door that leads to your closet or get an over-the-door hook rack, and make use of them as you wish. Give your wristlets and belts a new home. You can hang robes and scarves on your door now, as the varying sizes will allow them to become multipurpose.

A quick and easy reminder of the things you own could be done by taking your necklaces out of the box and putting them on display with hooks on the wall. And what is the point of having good taste if you cannot flaunt it because you do not know where anything is, right?

Hanger Hooks:

Hanger Hooks

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As the large silver metal hooks are thicker and more sturdy than the heads of hangers, it is advisable to get them and hang them on your clothing rod.

Next, hang all your extra-large and medium sized purses that are normally on the floor of your living room, bedroom, or closet.

D) Shelves


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Every closet has room for shelves, no matter how tiny it is. Before heading to your local hardware store, just measure the space your specific closet has. Buy a few pieces of wood, nails, a small can of paint. To give your closet some style and flavor, use the color of the shelves.

You will definitely see it change from that “pile of stuff” to an organized, neat, and most importantly, your own personal work of art. Start placing, stacking, folding, and arranging on your new shelf space, once that paint is dry and the shelves are securely fastened.

Shelf Dividers:

Shelf Dividers

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The shelf dividers are always useful, if you already have shelves, or these are your new works of art. Arrange your extra clothing, like sweats, pajamas, hoodies, on top of these shelves. Stop everything from shifting over and end up in one big pile that is just mocking all of your hard work with these dividers. To organize the size of the spaces you want on top of your shelves, just insert these dividers.

Stand back and marvel at how neat everything looks!

E) Plastic Shoe Boxes

Plastic Shoe Boxes

It is the time to dispose off your old plastic canvas hanging shoe rack. It may have been inexpensive, but the shoes are constantly falling out of it. It is better to invest in clear plastic shoe boxes that stack together so that you can see the things you own. It will prevent your shoes from being squashed and push into slots they do not fit into!

F) Hanging Boots

Hanging Boots

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It is almost impossible to find the right fit for all of your rain boots, going out boots, fall boots, winter boots, booties, etc., no matter what kind of storage bin you attempt to use.

A better idea would be to install metal shoe rack affixes onto your closet walls, place your boots on these and they will hold your boots off the ground and neatly store them. These do not add any pressure or weight to your boots, unlike the other racks. So, they will remain unharmed and in great condition.

G) Drawer Space

Drawer Space

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The drawer space is the number one issue of many bedrooms, especially if you are new to cohabitating. The benefit of the drawer space would be maximizing space and you can do so at your leisure. Before finding drawers that match your motif, measure how much space you have and head to your favorite container store.

Head to an antique store, if this is too expensive of an option and purchase drawers that are semi-falling apart. Jazz up your closet by heading to Home Depot, get some new paint and any other crafts that you would like. Give yourself more room for clothes that cannot be hung, such as additional sweatpants, winter socks, guest towels, etc., by placing your drawers under your hung clothing.

H) Step Stool

Step Stool

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Allow the building possibilities to be endless, by keeping a small step-stool in your closet. Reach your newly added high shelves and hooks effortlessly, with the step stool. Provide access to every aspect of your efficient, stylish, and organized wardrobe, with this minor addition.


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