Tips to Prevent Back Pain when Working from Home

July 01, 2021 16:18
Tips to Prevent Back Pain when Working from Home

Tips to Prevent Back Pain when Working from Home:- The coronavirus pandemic restricted everyone to their homes and the working hours are extended for most of them which left them under stress. The amount of physical exercise took a toll because of the pandemic. Most of them are working from their bedrooms during these pandemic times. Some of them are arranged workspaces in their home and most of them are using coffee tables, couches and dining tables to work comfortably. This has been continuing for the past one and a half year and no one is aware about when the normalcy returns. There are hundreds of people who are suffering from back pain because of these situations. Poor posture and working for long hours are the major reasons for the back aches.

Prolonged sitting will strain your spine's natural S curve into a C curve. This results in leaving the muscles, ligaments in more stress. It is always important to prefer a chair with a good posture. Your chair should support your lower back so that the spine is in S shape. You can also add a cushion or a rolled towel to reduce the stress. The chair should make the knees and elbows to sit at the right angles to minimize the strain. The working desk should support the elbows. Your mouse and keyboard should be at 8-10 cm from the edge of your working desk. The top of the monitor should be one arm's length away so that your body sits stiffly. This also avoids leaning forward or back. All these should be followed to reduce the stress on the back during your work.

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