Go natural against allergies

October 12, 2013 19:08
Go natural against allergies

Running nose, itchy eyes, rashes, allergies have many uncomfortable ways to assert themselves. To keep them at bay, there are a few homemade, natural remedies that can come to your rescue. For the milder forms, these remedies are the best solution, and for the severe ones, they may offer some relief.

You may already know about this one but it is an evergreen remedy. Clearing your throat and nose becomes very simple with a glass of warm water mixed with salt. The irritation melts away as you use this simple concoction.

This next one is not that commonly discussed, though it comes with its merits. Having a spoonful  of honey from local providers regularly is one way to immunize yourself from pollen allergy. As honeybees transfer flower pollen to the honey, little amounts everyday amounts to strong resistance against future triggers.

One simple remedy might invite chuckles but works nevertheless. It is keeping your surroundings dust free. We can’t do much about the entire planet, but we can sure make efforts to keep our homes and office spaces free from dust and humidity. That combination breeds infections.

The simplest remedy of them all is bathing. Don’t we do that every day? Well, we’re not talking about the regular rituals but the bath that should immediately follow an energetic outdoor activity such as getting closer to nature. Activities involving exposure to popular allergens should immediately be followed by a bath, as this ensures the pesky microbes do not spread to your chairs and pillowcases.

Of course, one sure shot remedy that will give immediate relief is steam inhalation or a hot shower. There is nothing like a hot soak to drive away the allergies along with the stress. Happy health!

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