Talibans and Crowd cheer as Talibans execute a woman in Afghanistan

July 10, 2012 12:21
Talibans and Crowd cheer as Talibans execute a woman in Afghanistan

The recent incident a month ago in Kabul where a Taliban fighter executed a woman was recorded on a video. In this horrific video the woman who was accused of adultery was bludgeoned to death by a fighter who hit her repeatedly on the back of her head while his fellow teammates, and tens of villagers watch and cheer. Executing the accused in the most gore and bloody ways was once very common in Afghanistan and it was revived with this incident.

This incident reminds the 5 terrible years of the Taliban's rule in the country where they announced the executions on radio and the people would all flock to the city's stadium to witness the event as if it were a sport. The Talibans believe that adultery is a serious crime which is to be punished by death. This execution was believed to happen around 23rd of June.

In the 4 minute video, Talibans say that the executioner is her husband while other officials offer contradicting views that her real Husband Colonel Masjidi had killed a local Taliban Leader and that she was executed as a mark of vendetta. Others however said that she, Najiba, was above 20 years old with no kids, and had affairs with numerous Taliban leaders.

The video was not very clear and apparently shot from a cellphone. It shows a woman down on her knees, body facing away from the camera. Her head was covered with a scarf. One Taliban walks around her saying “Adultery is a crime prohibited by the Holy Quran. By God's order and decree, it it were taking revenge for deaths, we would have asked the God to pardon her but today the God says 'she should be killed.' ”

“God requires that her husband execute her.” Another Taliban is heard asking a Kalashnikov for her husband. The fighters present ask him to move closer to her. Armed with an assault rifle he shoots her 9 times. By the third shot itself she is pushed towards the ground but the man continues to shoot. Someone in the crowd says “Long live the hero of Islam”.

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