Item girls forced to be drug peddlers for New Year bashes

December 30, 2011 12:32
Item girls forced to be drug peddlers for New Year bashes

The hands of the Law and Order reach the remotest corner and criminals are never short of novel ideas to finish their act. This seems to be true in drugs gangsters too. The Mumbai drug networks are forcing item girls to be their carriers into big 31st night parties. The offerings are big money and threatening for not going as per their wishes. The case of Rozlyn Khan, a Mumbai item girl is a classic example. Hope the Police give her adequate protection as these guys will go to any extent, for defying their wishes and exposing their modus operandi.

Ms. Khan was offered a huge sum to perform at a five-star hotel in Mumbai, by a caller and she was taken back in surprise over the offer. Later, the amount was hiked to almost unbelievable proportions by the same caller. Of course the price tag had an obligation too. She was supposed to carry a bag into the venue. On enquiring she was told that the bag contains drugs and since she would be getting a VIP pass, would go unchecked. On hearing the proposition she refused the event only to be threatened by the caller of dire consequences, if she contacted police in this regards.

But the bold young lady walked into a police station in Oshiwara and registered a complaint against the caller under Section 507 of the IPC for criminal intimidation via anonymous communication. Police are investigating the case. How many would be as courageous as this lady. Poor girls who are out on the roads not by choice but by necessity are in for problems.

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