India Today reveals shocking facts

December 05, 2012 18:51
India Today reveals shocking facts

Nielsen Sex Survey was recently conducted in the four metros of the country, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata apart from 12 other lesser known places in the country like Kota, Moradabad, Kolhapur, Salem, Ratlam, Kottayam, Guntur, Asanol, Aizwal and Baleshwar.

The sexual practices in the lesser known cities have been quite shocking. In a country which has strict beliefs, customs and traditions that respect sexual life and marriage to the point of insanity, the behavior of people with respect to the sex life has been a new found discovery by the survey.

This survey which was the 10th annual sex survey pointed out the habits of people in the most remote and isolated places of the country.

Could you have guessed that there were over 79% of people in Aizwal, the capital of Mizoram with a satisfactory sex life? That is a shockingly high proportion of people who are sexually happy.

Most people in Aizwal have also said that their first sexual partner was their boyfriend or girlfriend which is a healthy note. On a similar observation, it was noted that this part of the country also had the most number of live-in relationships in the country.

Kota residents don't mix up sex and other emotions, well, 58% of them at least.

Asansol of West Bengal is notorious for wife-swapping

People in Madhya Pradesh's Ratlam, which you might know through the movie Jab We Met, have the strange fetish of watching their partners undress.

Faked a headache to fend off an intercourse with your partner? People in Salem, Tamil Nadu, do this quite often.

Over 9% of people in Kottayam have been taking sex performance enhancement drugs during the act.

11% of members from Ratlam have had a threesome and shockingly 14% of the people accept homosexuality though the person in question is their partner. That's generous man!

Fancy a one night stand? Guntur is where you are more likely to be successful since it was quoted the capital of the "no-strings-attached" intercourse in the nation.

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