Strangers in our own land.....vinavayya Sambayya

August 07, 2013 11:02
Strangers in our own land.....vinavayya Sambayya

Time and again, we hear of oppression and the eventual victory of the underdog. How many times have we enjoyed a film where the less privileged broke out of societal shackles to prove himself/herself? These stories are momentarily mesmerizing, eternally inspiring.

Cut to the present, we have the oppressors and oppressed fighting a battle for control. The concept of live and let live is slowing slipping from our fading fingers, giving rise to smoke that has no substance. We are becoming transparent for everyone to see. The strong pillars of our land are begin chopped to construct smaller houses, leaving us open for the tempest of time.

We are fading away. The underdog is winning, but at what cost? At the cost of creating new underdogs.

India was a rich land, feared and respected at the same time. Then came the outsiders. Thankfully, the country learnt a thing or two about evolving with time without losing its essence. After 'we' sent them away and created a life for ourselves, 'we' have started becoming outsiders to ourselves in the name of control.

Why can't the privileged contribute positively to the society? Why can't the underprivileged find the humanity within themselves to not repeat the same mistakes of powerful people who hurt them so much? Why can't each person take an oath to change the rules of power? The natural resources of our land are to be shared and not divided. The forests do not care about who you are, they only care that you are a human being.

We may pray to different Gods. But, India is a country with an enviable strength of culture beneath the face of modern influences. United, we are a force to be afraid of. In the words of Lord Shiva himself, dividing ourselves is neither good for the country, nor for our house. The logic behind this simple thought is explained best in the video below. Have a look.

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(AW: Sruthi)

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