An Aam Aadmi's honest protest for security!!!

January 21, 2014 19:08
An Aam Aadmi's honest protest for security!!!

The Aam Aadmi's protest in Delhi is turning out to be violent one but where is protest heading to is something to be questioned. There is nothing wrong in Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's demand against the Delhi police for failing to abide their orders. Now the protest has entered second day and things went out of control as AAP workers tried to break the barricades and enter protest site. Over 11 AAP workers, four policemen and a reported got injured in this clash.

Security is the top priority than anything in this democratic country and it is a fundamental right. But why are the Delhi Police so arrogant and why are they showing much enthusiasm against Delhi CM's protest and why aren't they much cared about public's safety. Well the crime rate in the National capital is increasing at jet speed, even though AAP government stepped in and Delhi Police are unmoved in this issue and specifically the security to women is at worst condition.

Kejriwal earlier claimed that Delhi Police have links with drugs and prostitution gangs and so they are backing to take action against. The rape on Danish women is another shocking incident which is a clear threat to all foreign visitors and murder of Andhra Pradesh techie Anuhya in Mumbai is also evidence of police negligence. No police in Mumbai showed interest in Anuhya murder case when the family complained about her missing. Finally the family members of the software engineer have traced out dead body. Where do the cops are actually doing their duties ?

Despite appealing to the Central government, Home Minister Susheel Kumar Shinde is still in the initial stages of discussion with the Delhi police. Why is this delay in discussion ? The Delhi public and entire nation is observing the developments in Kejriwal's protest. This  is not just to take authority over the police department but to make them work each and every second for the welfare of the people. If Andhra Pradesh had one person who questions Police acts  then Mafia don Dawood associates would never have got VVIP passes into the Tirupathi temple.

Ironically, from Congress to BJP every political party is slamming AAP government and claim Kejriwal as big liar. Do they have any mutual understanding? Now these political parties are more concerned about the Republic Day celebrations in the National capital owing security issues. But if all these so called leaders keep aside their flags and ideologies, they will definitely find an honest approach of Kejriwal's protest. Infact a common man will back the leader and their political party who serious stand up for public. This was quite evident in Delhi elections.

Police are the common man servants and in our country they are really meant to provide security for filthy rich people and their assets. Over hundreds of policemen get deployed for five minutes of PM or Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi's visit to any part of the county which eventually wastes a lot of public money. That is why Kejriwal put an dot to the VVIP culture. All hails to the Common Man CM Kejriwal!!!

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