A professor performs nude Puja

February 13, 2016 12:05
A professor performs nude Puja

A professor believed, performing Puja in nude avatar could bring him all the luck and make him dean of a college.

In a Bizarre incident, a woman found her husband, praying the god in nude avatar. She almost collapsed after hearing the reason, behind his Puja.
A man named Selvaraj, is working as a professor in a college in Dharmapuri, Chennai. After death of his first wife, he got married to Karthika, who belonged to Kadiyapatti,  Selam district, Tamilnadu. In the beginning, everything went well, but later the woman started noticing several weird things in her husband.

In the beginning, though Karthika did not care much about her husband performing Puja in nude avatar, the issue irritated her, after Selvaraj started forcing to join him, in Puja in the born baby suit.

Karthika, who is strictly against all of these, pleaded her husband not to force her and even the issue was revealed in front of the woman’s parents. But all her attempts had to witness failure.

Vexed with her husband, the woman packed her bags and went to her parents house.  After a few days, Selvaraj called his wife, promising her, not to irk in weird situations again.

Believing his words, Karthika came back to him. But showing his dog’s tail, Selvaraj again started forcing his wife, to perform the prayer. He even warned that everything goes well, only if she agrees to do the prayer.

Karthika countered him, to give divorce and also tried to convince him, bringing her parents. But Selvaraj abused and beat the woman severely, in front of her parents.

Injured Karthika, joined in Omalur government hospital and it was there, she revealed everything, making the issue public.

Even after the decades of independence and advancement in science and technology, It is unfortunate to know that, a few are still backing the superstitious beliefs and destroying their lives.

By Phani Ch

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