Nude and painted up!!!

August 22, 2013 11:36
Nude and painted up!!!

The extremely prominent model Veena Malik was gazed wonderingly by international artist Vesa Kivinen for a unique project.  Moreover, that's not a joke as the voluptuous Supermodel actor has actually climbed highest degree of erotica as well as let an artist paint her nude body at the same time create one artistic palette! Excitingly, Veena was the wondering factor of Concluding factor of detailing visual artist Vesa Kivinen. He created five works of art where colours were painted directly on Veena’s nude body and her pictures were subsequently placed close together accompanied by paintings and other graphics.

Enjoy Veena nude and painted:

To emphasize on sexy Veena it was amazing to view the picture where Veena’s sexy back has been first painted in a Hindu god-like blue body colour and then splashed with a stiff palette of colours. The other images though are left to your interpretation, merging myth, the human body form and gestures into a painting. The only other simple works of art are the black canvas accompanying a cloud of smoke and another one from the blue series, characterized by Veena’s hands hiding her face. According to Kivinen, the project discovers through studying themes from ancient as well religious traditions to our contemporary global melting pot with its ever evolving and prospering cross cultural associations. Veena is in London for the art exhibit where some of the paintings featuring her will be showcased. Veena expressed that she  is there just for the love of art.  

Enjoy Veena Malik Nude Body Painting:

Whatever it may the concluding factor remains that she's looking just ravishing!!!

That's certainly worthy of praise!!!


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