Saif Ali Describes Kissing Scenes in Camera

November 23, 2013 10:22
Saif Ali Describes Kissing Scenes in Camera

Hindi Actor Saif Ali Khan talked about the kissing scenes in Indian movies in a TV interview.  He said that the kissing scenes are not required as they do not suit Indian cinema.

Saif Ali says that it is not in our culture to show affection that way in public. Even if a couple kisses in a car the act will be objected by the police. It is not legal in India to kiss in public places. Then why it is to be shown on the screen and how it is justified as a need in a movie Saif questions.

Although Saif Ali Khan and his wife Kareena Kapoor kissed with other stars on camera in many movies, Saif says that the couple has come to a decision that they will not do it in future.

Saif has a point there. The cinema culture has steered away from the actual culture prevailing in the society. On the other hand the youth are trying to change to the cinema culture but it is not that the cinema is depicting the real scenario to make the movie look natural.

It is only Imran Hashmi who became famous in Hindi movies with his kisses and love making in camera. He is called ‘Serial kisser’ that way.


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