Anna Caused Lokpal Bill, TRS Caused Telangana Bill?

December 18, 2013 11:58
Anna Caused Lokpal Bill, TRS Caused Telangana Bill?

If Lokpal Bill is passed due to Anna Hazare and Telangana Bill is made because TRS what is the role of Congress then?

Congress party is trying to get the credit for passing the Lokpal Bill. Sonia Gandhi says that it is only because of the efforts of the AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi that the Lokpal Bill has successfully got through Rajyasabha. To corroborate the statement the spate of letters between Anna Hazare and Rahul Gandhi on Lokpal Bill were made public.

In case of the Telangana Bill also the congress party has been telling that it was a promise in 2004 and it was on the election manifesto in 2009 elections. Congress party says that since Chidambaram’s announcement on December 9, 2010 that the Government is in favour of formation of separate Telangana state, the Congress party is on that job.

TDP leader Konakalla Narayana Rao said that it is due to the hunger strike of Anna Hazare that the Lokpal Bill has been pushed through by the Congress party.  He said that the Cabinet Ministers including Prime Minister would have gone to jails if the Lokpal Bill had been passed last year. TDP MP Sujana Chowdhery says that the corrupt politicians were bailed out by the Congress party and that has made the delay in passing the Bill. MP Naga Nageswara Rao said that TDP will support Lokpal Bill in the Loksabha.

Congress party used all its powers and prowess in making the Telangana Bill and pushing it through the process in spite of tremendous pressure from Seemandhra leaders including from the its own party and including the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Kiran Kumar Reddy. It stubbornly stood against the chances of losing power in Andhra Pradesh.

Similarly the Congress party also pulled its strength in pushing through the Lokpal Bill in Rajyasabha and it is sure that it will be passed in the Loksabha too.

Whatever may be reason it is a fact that Congress party achieved these two but it is failing in getting the credit because of the delays it made in thinking and rethinking which in the meanwhile boils and protests come up. Eventually when the task is completed it shows as if it is done due to the pressure created but not done by its own decision and determination. 


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