Murali Mohan rivals made Rajendra Prasad win ?

April 17, 2015 13:40
Murali Mohan rivals made Rajendra Prasad win ?

Finally the MAA elections result was held after tough conflict between the duo, Rajendra Prasad and Jayasudha. Rajendra Prasad victory was purely unexpected in the elections and there are many serious reasons for this kind of judgment by the voters. Lets get into it to explore those in detail.

Allegations on Murali Mohan as a President :

Rajendra Prasad who was a former President of MAA faced many oppositions from in and around the film industry. It was found that he never concentrated actually on the welfare of the people and the position of the president was just considered as a status by him. Frankly speaking, Murali Mohan's influence as a President is only seen in many unimportant programs or to say, though he is present in many odd situations, his presence is never felt in those particular situations which was actually supposed to extend the support.  

Few of the situations were Murali Mohan was mainly pointed out was, he is said to be involved in misuse of funds. He was alleged that he donated almost up to Rs 5 lakhs from MAA funds to various temples and all the discrepancies that arose on him regarding CCL matches were later supported by many people in the industry. One of them was CCL matches which he was very heavily alleged by it.

Though after the several recommendations about the pension and other benefits to the cinema people, Murali Mohan was observed that he did not concentrate completely on these issues and put it away as he might felt that those will nowhere benefit him anyway and this might be the main reason for several opposes by the public on him.

Result might be different if Jayasudha rejected Murali Mohan support

The thing is, along with the hardcore Rajendra Prasad supporters, it was also because of the Murali Mohan rivals that made Rajendra Prasad win with big majority. There was also a gossip, that if at all, Jayasudha had contested without Murali Mohan's support, the result would have definitely been different, at least the difference of the votes would be obviously less.

Never before, the importance of MAA elections is been at this range. The significance of this elections is now almost equal to the main political elections. The same kind of excitement is seen among the cinema audience and the cinema artists all over the dual states.

Oppositions on Jayasudha

This is because, Jayasudha who was a politician was observed to be involved in many illegal activities. At that time when she was a politician, the people of her constituency were nowhere benefited and all of them were found to be disappointed with her and the result was shown on her in the main political elections. After loosing the political power, basing the craze of the actress she possessed, she tried to contest in MAA elections, but the thing is, people started treating her as a real life actor. Because the promises she gave before the elections flew away after she was in power. She was proven as the best actor again that time. So the people generally prefer to watch good actors in movies rather than in real life.


Finally a great film actor who is considered as a real actor, had to lose the elections and another film actor who was proven as, that he is just an actor in films but not in real life through few welfare activities he is involved in, like Hudhud cyclone, where he was turned to donate a good amount and also made his fellow beings do it, made him enjoy the fruits of victory today. Isn't it?         

By Phani


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