Coronavirus Patients Are Prone To Cardiac Issues

September 19, 2020 17:32
Coronavirus Patients Are Prone To Cardiac Issues

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Coronavirus Patients Are Prone To Cardiac Issues:- The novel coronavirus pandemic turned out to be a threat for the mankind. Close to 10 lakh people passed away across the globe and over 3 crore people are infected with coronavirus in the world. The coronavirus is a respiratory disease and it infects the lungs. The doctors clarified that the coronavirus patients have several other implications. It is heard that the coronavirus goes beyond the respiratory system and the lungs. It also has an impact on the cardiovascular system. The heart failure has been one the reasons for the death in the coronavirus patients told the doctors and scientists. Some of them are not having severe breathing troubles but they passed away because of the heart failure.

One among the five infected with coronavirus complained of having heart-related problems. There is a damage of the heart tissues for the coronavirus infected patients because of which they are losing their lives. Coronavirus may directly infect the heart muscle tissue and it causes inflammation of the heart called myocarditis. The immunity system of the body launches an attack to protect from coronavirus. Some of the healthy tissues are destructed or damaged in some of the cases of human beings. In such cases, there is a huge damage done for the organs like heart, liver and kidneys.

In some other cases, the virus causes inflammation which leads to a complication and there would be less oxygen that reaches the bloodstreams of the body. In this cases, the heart has to work hard to pump out the blood and it can lead to heart related diseases. Cardiomyopathy is a disorder that can spoil the muscle of the heart and because of this, the heart loses its ability to pump out the blood well. This can lead to irregular heartbeats. The heart patients should be extremely careful during this coronavirus pandemic time and they should be in touch with their doctors.

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