Potato chips and chocolates are a harm for your Kidneys

April 05, 2021 19:06
Potato chips and chocolates are a harm for your Kidneys

Potato chips and chocolates are a harm for your Kidneys:- Everyone should be quite cautious of your health and food habits to stay healthy and lead a longer life. A study revealed that eating processed foods will lead to leaky gut syndrome which will have a toll on your kidneys. The study was conducted by the researchers of Monash University in Australia and they said that the heat-treated and processed foods are rich in harmful chemical compounds that are called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). These initiate a process which is called the Maillard reaction which are a danger signals for the health and they lead to chronic kidney diseases.

Cooked and cooled potatoes can help to restore the gut health and improve the health of kidneys as per the study that is published in the journal Science Advances. Fried foods spoil your gut. The gut bacteria is inflammatory told Melinda Coughlan, Associate Professor at Monash Central Clinical School's Department of Diabetes. Across the world, more than ten percent of the people are impacted by the chronic kidney diseases. They also will increase the risk of mortality, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, obesity and gastrointestinal diseases. Though it is difficult to change the diet but will keep your kidneys back to track.

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