Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce schizophrenia risk, finds study

August 13, 2015 17:47
Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce schizophrenia risk, finds study

Omega 3 fatty acids have many health benefits. According to a new study performed by the Australian researchers, it was revealed that omega-3 supplements might reduce the long-term risk of progression to the psychotic disorder.

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disease mostly emerges between the ages of 18 and 25. Early symptoms of schizophrenia, which is associated with abnormal behaviors and the failure to understand reality, can be seen months and even years before.

To find treatment for this, Melboune University researchers gave three-month course of daily fish oil capsules to a group of subjects aged 13 to 25 with early symptoms of schizophrenia and another group was tested with placebos. One year later, they noticed that 9.8% of the omega-3 group (4 out 41) developed psychosis compared to 40 percent (16 out of 40) in the placebo group.

In addition, the placebo group showed more rapid onset of psychosis and a higher overall incidence of other psychiatric disorders. They said that omega-3 fatty acids are not commonly found in the blood cells of patients with schizophrenia but the situation might be the same for brain cells and thereby fish oil can protect neurons by reducing infection in the brain. The scientists also noted that the study was small scale and needs to be backed by further studies.
The findings published in the journal Nature Communications.

By Lizitha

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