All about Sleep Apnea

March 17, 2022 16:58
All about Sleep Apnea

All about Sleep Apnea:- A good amount of sleep is essential on a daily basis to have a healthy life. But most of the people do not sleep well and they fell short of six hours on a regular basis. Some of them eat on time and sleep on time but miss their target. It might direct towards a sleeping condition known as Sleep Apnea. It is a serious sleeping disorder that affects the respiratory system of the individual. Sleep Apnea occurs in 10 percent of the women and 25 percent of men. It can impact anyone and age is not a barrier. It can happen to babies and kids. People with overweight large necks and structural abnormalities, enlarged tonsils or a small jaw are prone to Sleep Apnea.

All those suffering with Sleep Apnea will experience reported stopping and the starting of breath. They also snore loudly and feel tired after hours of sleep. This disorder also leads to heart-related issues and high blood pressure. The sleep disorders are categorized into three different types:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: This is a common form and occurs when the throat muscles relax.

Central Sleep Apnea: This happens when your brain is not able to send proper signals to the muscles that control the breath.

Complex Sleep Apnea: All those suffering with both Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea will be having Complex Sleep Apnea.

It is quite difficult to identify the type of Sleep Apnea. Most of the symptoms are loud snoring, stop and start breathing, excessive daytime sleepiness, awakening with dry mouth, night sweating, mood disturbance, frequent urination in the nights.

The doctors will ask for sleep evaluation through a sleep specialist. The doctors will suggest to breath normally during sleep. You may be asked to quit smoking, develop healthy sleep habits, manage weight, limit the consumption of alcohol.

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