Foods that can keep hypertension away

June 21, 2021 17:20
Foods that can keep hypertension away

Foods that can keep hypertension away:- Hypertension is one of the most common diseases found in humans and it is even named as a silent killer. It has no symptoms and the blood pressure fluctuates badly and reaches a high level leaving the person in cardiac arrest or a heart stroke. With a lot of stress due to work and busy schedules in this modern world, most of them are not bothered about health and they are not health conscious. Due to the work from home, the stress levels reached new heights because of the long working hours. Hypertension is a condition where the force of the blood is unusually high against the artery walls. This leads to several diseases. Some of the common symptoms are shortness of breath, headaches and nosebleeds.

There are no specific symptoms to Hypertension and they vary from person to person. Here are some foods that should be taken on a daily basis to manage hypertension:

Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and bioactive polyphenols which can control hypertension. A bowl of fresh pomegranate per day can help you. Jamun fruit is rich in potassium that is good for muscles. Jamun is good for managing elevated cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Beetroot is a super food to control hypertension as it contains natural nitrates which are converted into nitric oxide by the human digestive system. Cook beetroot or take it as a glass of juice to reduce the Hypertension.

Garlic can be taken in any form and it reduces the Hypertension immediately and is an excellent option. Everyday food intake should have garlic. Methi leaves are rich in calcium and fibre. They reduce the level of LDL or TG in the body and this brings the blood pressure down. Include methi in your diet. Apart from all the above foods, a moderate level of physical activity is needed to control Hypertension. A healthy plan with enough sleep can keep the blood pressure in control.

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