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    Do you skip your breakfast? 06 December 2012

    Whereas adults need to eat breakfast each day to accomplish their best, kids need it even more. Their growing bodies and developing brains rely heavily on the regular consumption of food. When kids skip breakfast, they can end up going...

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    Tasty And Soft Dilkhush Recipe, Tasty And Soft Dilkhush Recipe, tasty and soft dilkhush recipe, Bread

    Tasty And Soft Dilkhush Recipe 17 June 2017

    Tasty And Soft Dilkhush Recipe:- Dilkhush is a famous south Indian bread with sweet filling in it. It is delicious and one can enjoy biting into the sweet little tutti frutti and grated coconut in the bread. Let’s follow this...

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    5 Healthy Food 'Myth' Busted 13 April 2013

    1) Veggie Sticks: Veggie sticks claim to be a great alternative to vegetables, but they often have as many carbs as potato chips. They are actually a puffed mixture of cornstarch, potato flour, vegetable puree, salt and sugar. So while...

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    Bread Pizza

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    Spice rolls out new Android hand set 19 January 2013

    Smart phone major, Spice has rolled out a new Android phone in to the Indian market, which runs on Gingerbread operating system. Named Stellar Xtacy Mi-352, this phone comes at a price of Rs. 4,600. It has got 3.5 inch...

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    Sliced bread 23 February 2011

    The Food Doctor understands the importance of good female nutrition and how our time-poor culture can impact on good eating habits. In response to this modern problem, they have developed ‘Bread For Women’ for all round female health.The loaf provides...

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    Micromax v/s Karbonn 04 February 2013

    After the launch of four-inch smart phone by Karbonn (named A2) for just Rs.4999, Micromax, which banked heavily on its Ninja smart phone has reduced the prices of the same piece to a great extent to apparently ensure that people...

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    Bread Upma: Filling Breakfast Recipe 26 September 2012

    Upma is a very famous breakfast recipe that is prepared in many Indian households. You can either have it for your breakfast or carry it for lunch. There are many ways to prepare upma. It is ideally made with suji...

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    Orange bread & butter pudding, dessert, orange bread butter pudding, Bread

    Orange Bread & Butter Pudding 14 July 2016

    Do you have sweet tooth? Do you love to eat warm dessert in this cold, damp weather? Here is  the receipe of Orange bread & butter pudding.Prep Time: 40 MinServe: 8 Ingredients 75 g California seedless raisins 75 ml Cointreau,...

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    Chilli Cheese Toast, snack, chilli cheese toast, Bread

    Chilli Cheese Toast 06 December 2011

    This post was lying in my drafts and wouldn’t have seen the light of day if a reader had not requested for Chilli Cheese Toast recipe. Not much of a recipe really. A quick breakfast/brunch or lunch box recipe that...

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    Banana Bread

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    Survey: Every day 24 per cent Indian kids going hungry 16 February 2012

    India may be economically successful.But according to Save the Children survey, It was estimated that about 25 percent of the children who are at the age of 1 year to 6 years are spending their day without the food. Almost 30...

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    Delicious Anadama bread 11 August 2010

    Delicious Anadama bread Anadama bread is a traditional bread of New England made with white flour, cornmeal, molasses and sometimes rye flour.Anadama bread is a chewy, sweet, dense, grainy treat. Many bakeries make Anadama bread which can be eaten fresh...

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