• Syed Ali Shah Geelani, PDP, national outcry on geelani s passport issue no traces of support even from hardline activists, Cry

    National Outcry on Geelani’s passport issue - No traces of Support even from hardline activists 05 June 2015

    “Send him where he says, "is born" and let him apply for passport from there”.“Let him apply for passport of country to which he believed, as belonged and move to that country. Why is this mess sitting in our country...

    Keywords: Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, BJP, PDP

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    baby cries while dad cut nails, viral videos, baby fake cry while dad tries to cut nails, Cry

    Baby fake cry, while dad tries to cut nails 18 September 2015

    You have to recall, how you used to be frightened, when your dad comes to you for cutting the nails. But a dad here, does not want his kid to face such a recalling situation. So he shot it as...

    Keywords: dad cut nails baby cries, dad cut nails baby cries, baby cries while dad cut nails, baby cries while dad cut nails

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    spread happiness, reasons to cry, find reasons to smile, Cry

    Find reasons to smile 02 January 2014

    Life has endowed you with many things. Smile as often as possible, since your life is full of gifts from God. No doubt, there will be hundreds of reasons to cry, but life also gives you thousands of reasons to...

    Keywords: happiness, reasons to smile, Find reasons to smile, Be Happy

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    cry, cry, if you cannot cry at this you can never, Cry

    If you cannot cry at this, you can never 20 October 2015

    When the people beg for something which supports their family, no one could stop for them. But if they beg, for something which gives them pleasure, definitely a lot of people stop and helps them. Cannot agree? Here is the...

    Keywords: social experiment, social experiment, cry, social experiment

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    parenting, Baby, 5 reasons why babies cry, Cry

    5 Reasons Why Babies Cry 13 September 2016

    Your Baby is crying. Don't know why? It's how they communicate hunger, pain, fear, a need for sleep, and more. So how are parents supposed to know what their baby is trying to tell them? It can be tricky to...

    Keywords: parenting, cry, cry, parenting

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    Elephant in Uttar Pradesh, Elephant crying, elephant cries after being freed, Cry

    Elephant cries after being freed 08 July 2014

    An Elephant named Raju in Uttar Pradesh which was under captive for nearly 50 years, was freed by rescuers in a daring operation, last week. The moment the elephant got freedom, tears rolled down from its eyes and it rejoiced...

    Keywords: Elephant crying, Elephant named Raju, Elephant crying, Elephant Raju

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    Chandrababu latest updates, TDP, chandrababu in tears in pressmeet vows to skip assembly, Cry

    Chandrababu in Tears in Pressmeet: Vows to Skip Assembly 19 November 2021

    Chandrababu in Tears in Pressmeet: Vows to Skip Assembly:- TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu was absent for the Assembly sessions yesterday and AP Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy slammed the opposition leader for his absence. He said that the leader of...

    Keywords: Chandrababu breaking news, Chandrababu family remarks, Chandrababu latest, Chandrababu wife

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    Adorable videos, Jetplane discount baby cries, discount if baby cries on plane, Cry

    Discount if baby cries on plane 04 May 2016

    Babies are the best ever thing that can happen to a family. It brings out new happiness and enlightens the life of Mother and father. But the same babies, if crying, would be the most irritating thing, especially on the...

    Keywords: Jetplane discount baby cries, Adorable videos, Adorable videos, Adorable videos

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    viral videos, girl cry pepsi, girl emotional after drinking pepsi, Cry

    Girl emotional after drinking Pepsi 26 September 2015

    The girl cries, after drinking Pepsi for the first time. Do you know why? She is allergic to the caffeine and so could not take drinks like Pepsi, Coke etc. One fine day, he realized that, Pepsi is selling caffeine...

    Keywords: Girl emotional Pepsi, viral videos, girl cry pepsi, girl cry pepsi

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    Infant Leg broken, Roorkee hospital, roorkee ward boy breaks infant s leg as he gets annoyed with his crying, Cry

    Roorkee: Ward Boy Breaks Infant’s Leg As he gets Annoyed with his Crying 07 February 2017

    In a shocking incident, a ward boy working in a private hospital broke a 3-day-old infant's leg as he got annoyed with the baby crying. According to a complaint lodged by infant's father, the infant was born on January 25....

    Keywords: case registered, case registered, Infant Leg broken, Infant Leg broken

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    Crying benefits, Crying relief, find out the benefits of crying, Cry

    Find Out The Benefits Of Crying 08 October 2022

    Find Out The Benefits Of Crying:- When you breakdown, most of them easily tear up. Whenever there is a stress, most of them breakdown or they are left in tears. Experts say that it is quite normal for human beings...

    Keywords: Crying help, Tears news, Tears study, Tears study

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    Shedding tears can make you feel better, Shedding tears at the movies can lift your mood, crying makes you feel better finds study, Cry

    Crying makes you feel better, finds study 26 August 2015

    According to a study performed by the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands has revealed that A good cry can indeed make people feel better. For this study, researchers videotaped a group of 60 participants while watching the emotionally charged...

    Keywords: Crying makes you feel better, Crying can lift your mood, Crying makes you feel better, Shedding tears at the movies can lift your mood

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    TDP, Chandrababu breaking news, nandamuri family steps out to support chandrababu, Cry

    Nandamuri Family Steps Out To Support Chandrababu 20 November 2021

    Nandamuri Family Steps Out To Support Chandrababu:- The other day TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu was left shattered after the leaders of YSRCP abused his wife Bhuvaneswari in the state's Assembly. Chandrababu could not control himself and wept before the media....

    Keywords: TDP, Nandamuri Family, Chandrababu emotional, Nandamuri Family

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    Sapphire Glass Iphone 6, Sapphire Glass Iphone 6, iphone 6 with sapphire crystal display, Cry

    iPhone-6 with Sapphire Crystal Display! 12 July 2014

    Every rumour of Apple iPhone 6 is creating a storm in the tech world. But an Apple patent had revealed a confirmed news that the six edition of the iPhone with come up with Sapphire Crystal Display and may or...

    Keywords: Apple Glass Casing Patent, Patent Apple Glass, Apple Glass Casing Patent, Iphone 6

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    Talari Ravi, Computers Affected, wannacry virus now hits ttd three dozen computers affected, Cry

    WannaCry Virus Now Hits TTD; Three Dozen Computers Affected 19 May 2017

    The WannaCry ransomware virus has now hit Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) and nearly three dozen computers have been affected. The news has been confirmed by an official of TTD, a trust which runs the famous Lord Venkateswara temple. Devasthanam PRO...

    Keywords: WannaCry Virus, Talari Ravi, Talari Ravi, Talari Ravi

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    Ransomware, Virus, another global cyber attack brings major firms down across globe, Cry

    Another Global Cyber Attack Brings Major Firms Down Across Globe 28 June 2017

    Another Global Cyber Attack Brings Major Firms Down Across Globe:- Russia's biggest oil company, Ukrainian banks and multinational firms have been affected by another major global cyber attack on Tuesday disrupting computers, just like a virus similar to the ransomware...

    Keywords: Eternal Blue, Microsoft, Wannacry, Ransomware

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    Cryptocurrency racket new, Gardas Ramesh, rs 10 cr cryptocurrency racket busted in hyderabad, Cry

    Rs 10 Cr Cryptocurrency Racket Busted In Hyderabad 25 August 2018

    Rs 10 Cr Cryptocurrency Racket Busted In Hyderabad:- Hyderabad Task Force cops conducted raids across the city and busted out a Cryptocurrency racket. The raid in the office of GRM Estates Pvt Ltd located in old bowenpally busted this racket....

    Keywords: Cryptocurrency racket next, Cryptocurrency racket next, Cryptocurrency racket new, Cryptocurrency racket next

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    Aamir Khan cry, Kattti Batti Aamir Khan crying, aamir khan crying is now trending, Cry

    Aamir Khan crying is now trending 25 August 2015

    Yes, Mr. Perfect crying watching Katti Batti movie is now trending on all the social networking sites. Katti Batti has Aamir’s nephew Imran Khan and actress Kangana Ranaut in the lead and is directed by Nikhil Advani. Aamir, who in the...

    Keywords: Kattti Batti Aamir Khan crying, Aamir Khan cry, Aamir Katti Batti, Aamir crying in Katti Batti

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    Kids crying is good, Baby crying, let children cry it is healthy, Cry

    Let children cry, it is healthy 15 July 2015

    Elders say that, a child should cry when he/she is born as it symbolizes that the child’s body is responding to the change in the environment, which is therefore a sign of the healthy heart. Also read: Find reasons to...

    Keywords: crying is good, Viral videos, Kids crying is good, Kids crying is good

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    GSLV Mark III, Semi-Cryogenic Engine, former isro chief pitches on human space flight mission, Cry

    Former ISRO Chief Pitches On Human Space Flight Mission 06 June 2017

    Former ISRO Chief Pitches On Human Space Flight Mission:- The International Space Research Organization (ISRO) former Chief G Madhavan Nair said, with the successful launch of its heaviest rocket, the space agency now needs to focus on human space flight...

    Keywords: ISRO, Former ISRO Chief, Human Space Flight Mission, Former ISRO Chief

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