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    Three biggest face-washing mistakes you are doing 16 June 2014

    Rinsing you face with just a dollop of face wash at the end of the day might seem like the easiest part of your beauty ritual, isn't it? But turns out that most people tend to lather up wrongly, causing...

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    Pimples? Get rid of them 22 December 2012

    Pimples are not just hurdles for you natural beautiful skin but are monsters that curb your happiness… they are not healthy either… in fact; pimples are a sign of unhealthy skin. Why to bear pimples and allow them to reduce...

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    Get ready for a party 04 June 2013

    Party is a great opportunity to drag attention of everty one with your dressing sense and looks, along with the way you carry yourself. It is best time to impress others and to meet the people your know as well...

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    Pimple? Stop it 15 February 2013

    Yes, there is a sign of a pimple popping up on your face. But you cannot let this happen. You need to look special for that 'special' occasion and a pimple on your beautiful face is just that one thing...

    Keywords: scrub your face with rose water, 3steps to stop the pimple, pimple on your beautiful face, scrub your face with rose water

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    White heads on your face? Rule them out... 30 October 2012

    Whiteheads, small, firm bumps that appear on the skin, are caused when the pores are clogged with oil. Although whiteheads and blackheads are similar, whiteheads are closed, so the oil is trapped under the skin where it hardens and is...

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    How you cleanse your face? 29 April 2013

    How dull your skin looks, our skin gets duller as we age. Sun exposure, smoking, and naturally shedding all results washed out look. You need to combat it with a cleanser that will remove in layers  while it cleans. Bear...

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    7 tips for facial cleansing 10 April 2015

    Face washing is one of the important step in cleansing. Many use different kinds of products to cleanse their face. Some may prefer natural or home made products and some others prefer facial cleansers available in the market. Cleanse your...

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    Change your beauty routine to look younger 12 January 2013

    If you believe small changes can make big difference, this mantra is not only for your life, but also to get a beautiful and younger looking skin. All you have to do is making and welcome certain changes in your...

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    Under arm care! 28 November 2012

    If you believe beauty is not just for your face or skin, but the entire body, then underarms are also inclusive. We have seen many celebs that are picture perfect from top to toe but forget to take care of...

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