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  • botsa satyanarayana hyderabad, fast track court, pcc chief reacts on delhi gang rape, Fast track court

    PCC chief reacts on Delhi gang rape 24 December 2012

    The Delhi gang rape incident has shook not just Delhi but even in Hyderabad. Several students protested against the heinous incident and demanded justice to the victim. With reference to the same, PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana plunged into the action....

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    Delhi fast track court, Nirbhaya's death, nirbhaya wanted them to burn will the court comply, Fast track court

    Nirbhaya wanted them to burn, will the court comply? 13 September 2013

    The fate of four men, found guilty of gang-rape and murder, will be decided today by a Delhi fast track court. Judge Yogesh Khanna will determine how much punishment the criminals deserve for such an appalling conduct. Before her death,...

    Keywords: Judge Yogesh Khanna., Delhi fast track court, decision on Delhi gang rape accused, Nirbhaya's death

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    Election Revamp, Fast Track Courts, herculean task for the police dept in election revamp against mps mla, Fast track court

    Herculean Task For The Police Dept In Election Revamp Against MPs, MLA 03 November 2017

    Herculean Task For The Police Dept In Election Revamp Against MPs, MLA:- As many as 100 MLAs and nine MPs from both the Telugu states will face the music, with the Supreme Court directing the Centre to expedite criminal cases...

    Keywords: Fast Track Courts, Election Revamp, Election Revamp, Fast Track Courts

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    Uttar Pradesh, Fast Track Courts, fast track courts in up, Fast track court

    Fast Track Courts in UP 30 August 2014

    Atlast a sign of relief in Uttar Pradesh as the government has decided to establish Fast Track Courts in the state for increasing crime against Women which caught the attention of the nation. The Uttar Pradesh cabinet gave a green...

    Keywords: Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party, Crime on Women, UP Government

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    Delhi rapists sentenced to death, Delhi fast track court, nirbhaya avenged death to the rapists, Fast track court

    Nirbhaya avenged! Death to the rapists 13 September 2013

    They raped, tortured, looted and left the girl naked on the streets. The physiotherapy student passed away later. Today, the murderers have been given a death sentence by the Delhi fast track court under the 'rarest of rare' category, avenging...

    Keywords: Delhi rapists convicted, Death to Delhi rape convicts, Delhi fast track court, Delhi rapists sentenced to death

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    Maoist leader Sabysachi Panda, wife of Maoist leader, wife of maoist leader panda acquitted, Fast track court

    Wife of Maoist leader Panda acquitted 10 April 2012

    A fast track court in Odisha has today acquitted Milo Panda, wife of a top Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda, who has been actively holding talks with Odisha Government over the release of abducted Italian citizen Bosusco Paulo.  Notably, Milo Panda...

    Keywords: Maoist leader Sabysachi Panda, Subhashree Das, fast track court, Bosusco Paulo

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