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  • emotions, list of top smells, nose knows it all, Happy moment

    Nose knows it all! 10 January 2013

    Do you prefer the whiff of frying eggs or freshly mowed grass? It seems certain aromas have the power to stir up strong emotions and even change our mood. A new study of 4000 people in the UK looked at...

    Keywords: nose, smell, emotions, fresh

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    Haya Loai  into comma, overcoming all hurdles, girl who slept into coma wakes up after 5 days, Happy moment

    Girl who slept into coma wakes up after 5 days! 14 March 2013

    (Happy moments while Haya at her school in RAK) Loai Saleh expressed with strong emotion that it’s a miracle when his teenage daughter woke up after five days in a coma. The incident took place at Ras Al Khaimah. Fact-fully,...

    Keywords: slipped into comma, happy moments, miraculous incident, happy moments

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    mood swings, anxiety, causes of mood swings, Happy moment

    Causes of mood swings... 12 December 2012

    If your family, friends and co-workers have been driving you mad lately, and you feel as if you're losing your mind, you may suffer from mood swings.  Symptoms of mood swings include irritability, depression, fatigue and insomnia. Mood swings are caused by a hormonal imbalance...

    Keywords: fear, anxiety, nethusiasm, anxiety

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    happy feelings, happy moment, alter your mood swings balance them, Happy moment

    Alter your mood swings... balance them! 24 November 2012

    Happy at one moment... out of mind, the very next moment... Researchers have some ideas on what causes mood swings, ranging from the environmental to the biological and even the chemical. While we may find it easier to blame the...

    Keywords: hectic environments, stress, happiness, emotions

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    Happy moments, Happy, dream of happiness, Happy moment

    Dream of Happiness 12 December 2013

    What is life, if there are no dreams to achieve. Dreams make our life worth living. A life without dreams is not worth living. Age is no bar for dreaming, for there is no right or wrong time to pursue...

    Keywords: Happy, living, life, Happy

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