Girl who slept into coma wakes up after 5 days!

March 14, 2013 10:25
Girl who slept into coma wakes up after 5 days!

(Happy moments while Haya at her school in RAK)

Loai Saleh expressed with strong emotion that it’s a miracle when his teenage daughter woke up after five days in a coma. The incident took place at Ras Al Khaimah.

Fact-fully, those five days were a living hell for Saleh and his wife Rowayda Eid.

The Syrian family’s experience began on March 4 when 14-year old Haya Loai slipped into a coma following a skull fracture after falling off a horse during training at the Equestrian Club in Ras Al Khaimah. Immediately, she was rushed to the intensive care unit at Saqr Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah in a highly critical condition.

What a Miracle!

Saleh empresses with strong emotion that it’s indeed a miracle that she was awake and talking, while she recognises us, she knows he is her father, and she knows her mum and that she knows her family, even though she confused the names, but she’ll regain her memory fully in due time as told.

Recollecting the moment of the accident, Saleh said his daughter wanted to be the first to have a go at a new horse on that fateful day, but things went terribly wrong.

As a matter of fact, the girl’s helmet came off as the horse took off after it was spooked by something while Haya fell off with a horrible thud, cracking her skull and slipping into coma. Saleh stressed that it was an accident and it's no one’s fault.


(Overcoming all hurdles: Haya hopes to participate in national level horse-riding competition)  

He also added that though the internal bleeding stopped the following day, Haya’s life was still in the balance even though when she was admitted to hospital she was in critical condition, but she seems to be on the mend now, thanks be to God. As Haya started to come around on Saturday, doctors slowly removed her from life support and sedatives and she came out of ICU. Saleh felt grateful to the staff that supervised her starting Dr Muthar Hashim and nurse Khadra Ali, and said that she is now doing great.

Haya's mother expressed that God willing she will make a complete recovery within a month.

The parents expressed they hoped the accident would not discourage Haya from fulfilling her dream of becoming a professional horse-rider. In fact, she has been riding horses since she was seven and has taken part in 40km and 90km races. Moreover, she wants to make it to the national level and he hope she will be able to do that.

This incident would remain as a miraculous fact something which could only be possible when there is Gods grace on us.

May God help Haya in fulfilling her aspirations!

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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