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    Rajamouli Gets New Headaches For RRR 14 July 2020

    Rajamouli Gets New Headaches For RRR:- RRR is made on a staggering budget of Rs 450 crores and is almost 70% done with the shoot. NTR and Ram Charan are playing freedom fighters Komaram Bheem and Alluri Seetharama Raju respectively...

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    Parliament, Special News, new headaches for congress ahead of rs polls, Headaches

    New Headaches for Congress ahead of RS polls 15 January 2014

    Congress party in Andhra Pradesh is struggling continuously with problems. Leaders who said that they would abide by decision of party on Telangana issue have defied the party and are openly criticizing it. Now with Rajya Sabha polls ahead, Congress...

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    Relaxation tips to help headaches, Relaxation tips to help headaches, relaxation tips to help headaches, Headaches

    Relaxation tips to help headaches 02 August 2011

    1. Have a massage Research suggests that massage can reduce the frequency of headaches. In a study, people with a history of migraines who had a 45-minute weekly massage had fewer headaches than those who didn’t receive massages. It’s thought...

    Keywords: Relaxation tips to help headaches, Relaxation tips to help headaches, Relaxation tips to help headaches, Relaxation tips to help headaches

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    stress release, fatigue, stressed out watch out, Headaches

    Stressed out? Watch out... 12 January 2013

    Of course, we human beings are designed by some super natural power in such a way, that we stand up for any negative situation, take stress, pressure and work over overcoming the same... happiness and tough times are very much...

    Keywords: fatigue, tension, asthma, physical exercise

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    additional headache, tips for headache, treat regular headaches naturally, Headaches

    Treat regular headaches, naturally 18 December 2012

    Suffering with a regular headache??? Of course, this is a result of your life style and the kind of extra burden you take at work and home, relating to stress and therefore resulting in headache... there is a reason to...

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    Menstrual Migraine news, Menstrual Migraine latest, headaches before and after the menstrual cycle, Headaches

    Headaches before and after the Menstrual cycle 01 May 2021

    Headaches before and after the Menstrual cycle:- A lot of hormonal changes happen for women during her menstrual cycle. For some of them, it happens before the period and for others, it happens during the period. For some of them,...

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