• tips and tricks to be used in kitchen, tips and tricks to be used in kitchen, 10 amazing kitchen tips and tricks, Kitchen

    10 amazing kitchen tips and tricks 22 April 2015

    Cooking is easy to some people but for some it will be a tricky task. Following some simple tips of cooking will make it easier. Here are some tips that could be useful for the modern women to save time....

    Keywords: how to reduce smell on hands after chopping, how to detect fresh eggs, amazing tips for kitchen, cooking tips

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    Grow your own kitchen garden, lifestyle, grow your own kitchen garden, Kitchen

    Grow your own kitchen garden 13 December 2013

    With vegetable prices hitting the roof and quality hitting the ground, this is the right time to start your own kitchen garden. Never mind if you don't have a sprawling backyard or terrace, you can easily plant veggies, fruits and...

    Keywords: Grow your own kitchen garden, vegetables, garden at your home, lifestyle

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    skin glow, skin glow, beauty in your kitchen, Kitchen

    Beauty in your kitchen 18 April 2013

    You need not spend oodles of money to buy those costly beauty products to enhance the glow and the beauty of your skin. these that are available in kitchen can make your skin glow like anything, not less than you...

    Keywords: honey your face, stay healthy healthy skin, skin care tips., beauty products

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    #Irelandghost, Ireland ghost, irelandghost invisible ghost destroys kitchen, Kitchen

    #Irelandghost : Invisible ghost destroys kitchen 25 September 2015

    How much you believe the existence of the ghosts? If you believe they exist, would you stay with it and chit chat and pass the time, shooting it in a video?  If you shoot such a video, will the devil...

    Keywords: Ireland ghost, #Irelandghost, ghost in Ireland, Ireland ghost

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    Clever dogs, crazy dog stunts, hidden cameras catch dog s secret escape route, Kitchen

    Hidden cameras catch dog's secret escape route 23 September 2013

    This is one dog who refuses to take no for an answer. If necessity is the mother of all invention, a very clever dog discovered a daredevil method to escape confinement in the kitchen. The dog was, each day, locked...

    Keywords: Dog escapes, hidden cameras catch dog, Dog escaping from kitchen, Dog escaping from kitchen

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    wash basin, wash basin, making most of space, Kitchen

    Making most of space 13 March 2013

    Detergent, cleaning and other similar sprays are often missing in the times of need. Getting specific shelves for the same may not be economically viable always too. Here's a cheap tip that will allow for better organization and space conservation....

    Keywords: bathroom cleaner, sink cleaning, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaning

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    Kitchen tips, Tips for fast cooking, magic mantras for fast cooking, Kitchen

    Magic mantras for fast cooking 17 October 2013

    In the kitchen, there are many ways one can cook up some magic. From impressing that special someone to making a nice dish for a pleasant evening, there are various reasons for looking up a recipe. For all the planning,...

    Keywords: how to cook fast, how to cook fast, Tips to cook fast, Tips to cook fast

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    kitchen, tips for housewifes, dishwashing tips for the dummies, Kitchen

    Dishwashing tips for the dummies 23 February 2013

    If you are a dummy like me with dish-washing and suffer from the incurable and extremely fatal condition of procrastination-after-eating-food disease this tip is for you all; students especially. When you eat something like an oatmeal cereal or rice and...

    Keywords: kitchen, oatmeal lazyness, tips for housewifes, dishwash

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    food, cooking, 10 essential kitchen tricks, Kitchen

    10 Essential Kitchen Tricks 04 October 2016

    Kitchen is a place where every woman spends her half of her day. So,the Kitchen work gets over fast,  every woman should know some tricks to make life easier. Here are some:If you want to soften butter faster, cut the...

    Keywords: tricks, food, Kitchen, cooking

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    aesthetics, Lifestyle News, bring freshness to life with flowers, Kitchen

    Bring freshness to life with flowers 23 December 2013

    Did you know keeping fresh flowers at home not only adds to the aesthetics of your décor, but also enhances your mood? A behavioral research study reveals that people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and...

    Keywords: balcony, dining room, Happiness, behavioral research study

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    Coriander, Fennel, fennel fenugreek and coriander healthy and tasty, Kitchen

    Fennel, Fenugreek and Coriander, healthy and tasty 17 June 2015

    Fennel, Fenugreek and Coriander are very common in the Indian kitchen. The vast variety of culinary in the Indian Kitchen boasts of the ingredients used. The spices used are having medicinal effects. Many of the combinations of curries, help to...

    Keywords: Fenugreek, Indian kitchen, Culnary, Culnary

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    fatty, smell of the meat, kitchen tips, Kitchen

    Kitchen Tips 06 April 2013

    Oftentimes, we find ourselves chopping ingredients which are sticky be it fish, garlic or anything similar and have that mucous like substance spewing from the vegetable. Once you are done cooking, your fingers are a mess, covered in a glue...

    Keywords: fatty, kitchen tips, food preparation, vegetables

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    Kitchen Organizing Ideas, Kitchen Organizing Tips, the 15 best tips on how to organize your kitchen, Kitchen

    The 15 Best Tips On How To Organize Your Kitchen 24 August 2017

    The 15 Best Tips On How To Organize Your Kitchen:- Who does not love to have an uncluttered kitchen? A uncluttered kitchen with plenty of storage is a dream to work in. Having everything in its proper place makes prepping,...

    Keywords: Best Tips On How To Organize Your Kitchen, Best Tips On How To Organize Your Kitchen, Ways To Organize Your Kitchen, Tips For Kitchen Storage

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    women hood, women hood, manage your thoughts for a better you, Kitchen

    Manage your thoughts for a better you 22 January 2013

    We women are no less than Men. In fact, many organizations prefer hiring Women employees, especially in the support departments like Human Resources and Administration as Women are best known to handle these with an ease. When it comes to...

    Keywords: communication, women lifestyle, women administration, women employee

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    tips kitchen scraps, kitchen tips, 5 tips to give 2nd life to kitchen scraps, Kitchen

    5 tips to give 2nd life to kitchen scraps 03 May 2016

    Passionate about art work, but not able to allocate time, being busy in the kitchen? No issues, you can still bring out that zeal in you for the art, in the kitchen too, through the scraps. Here are the five...

    Keywords: tips kitchen scraps, kitchen scraps tips, kitchen tips, kitchen tips

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    decorating home with flowers., garden decorating, wilting flowers, Kitchen

    Wilting flowers? 20 April 2013

    Decorating your home with a vase of flowers everyday will only make things costlier than ever. Fake flowers have no beauty. Now, that is a tough situation! However, we have a solution. Flowers will not wilt anymore by the end...

    Keywords: decorating home, flowers decorating, flowers decorating, decorating home with flowers.

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    cockroaches kitchen, cockroaches kitchen, cockroaches in your house, Kitchen

    Cockroaches in your house? 26 April 2013

    Cockroaches can be frustrating pests. Once they start growing, there seem to be everywhere. Kitchen, diswasher, and every nook and corner of the house that you cannot reach. The disturbing high pitched sounds they make could cause sleep deprivation. However,...

    Keywords: cockroaches at diswasher, cockroaches at diswasher, cockroaches kitchen, corner cockroaches

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    Beef stew, homemade dog food, beef stew home made dog food, Kitchen

    Beef stew: Home made dog food 09 May 2016

    Have you ever felt that, even your dog needs an enough care and healthy food, just like you need. Then here is the recipe of Beef stew, a perfect healthy food for the dogs. Preparation time:  10 minsCooking time:  25 mins Ingredients...

    Keywords: Beef stew, Beef stew, kitchen tips, homemade dog food

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    parents, games, are you being a right parent, Kitchen

    Are you being a right parent? 19 March 2013

    Is your kid is either busy on computer or studying because there is no other option to avoid or playing video games??? Is this the only life style or daily routine of your kids? Then there is reasons to worry…...

    Keywords: video games, right parent, parenting, parenting

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    TTD, TTD, fire accident inside ttd kitchen, Kitchen

    Fire Accident Inside TTD Kitchen 10 June 2016

    In a fire accident kitchen near the Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala burned into ashes on Friday.The incident occurred in the kitchen which prepares ‘boondi’. It is an ingredient that is used to make Tirupati ladoo. Two fire engines were rushed...

    Keywords: kitchen, fire accident, kitchen, kitchen

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