Here are ten basic knife skills to Chop

March 22, 2022 16:01
Here are ten basic knife skills to Chop

Here are ten basic knife skills to Chop:- The knife happens to be the most essential tool in the kitchen and it should be handled with extreme care. Avoiding cuts is sure a challenge for many irrespective of their experience in the kitchen. Here are some of the knife skills to chop well and turn a pro:

Chop: Chop the onions and other vegetables well and chop is the easiest style of cutting. This can be used for vegetables.

Cube: Other than chopping, one can get cubed ingredients so that all of them are cut in uniform size. This technique is used for salads and fries.

Dice: This can be done by cutting vegetables into cubes of a preferred size. Diced onions are well used in marinades and dressings.

Slice: Slice is a technique used to cut the grain into thin and uniform pieces. This can be applied for fruits or vegetables and cheese or bread.

Rondelle: The vegetables will be cut into conical or cylindrical shapes. Some of the fruits like carrots can be cut in a round shape.

Julienne: This cut matches a matchstick and is used for vegetables like cucumber, carrot and celery. This is used among Asians.

Brunoise: This is an additional step after julienning the ingredients. You can dice them and make small cubes.

Mince: It is a fine and non-uniform cut and is good for parsley, herbs, garlic and nuts. The technique is to cut and chop until you get the desired shape.

Chiffonade: This can be used for any kind of leafy vegetable. Roll the leaf into the shape of a tight tube and cut it to get long strips.

Batonnet: This can be used to cut the baton shape of the vegetables like chips.

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