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  • google day, teachers day, tuesday morning wishesh welcome, Los angeles

    Tuesday Morning Wishesh Welcome 04 September 2012

    Hi Hello Adab! Welcome back to a bright and romantic Tuesday morning. Quite a lazy day beginning for a hectic schedule.  Anyways got to get back fast before our boss starts spraying his big-mouthed venom on us. Yesterday was a...

    Keywords: Tuesday Morning Wishesh, paper boy day, Welcome, railway enquiry

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    Hollywood, Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, no more fashion for sharon, Los angeles

    No more fashion for Sharon! 05 March 2013

    Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, who will turn 55 on Sunday, disclosed her lack of interest in fashion and is amazed that she can still fit into designer clothes. While the former glamour model has claimed she is more keen on...

    Keywords: Hollywood actress, Hollywood actress, Hollywood, Basic Instinct

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    New Hampshire auctioneers, original Schindler's List, holocaust hero oskar schindler s document elevates for auction, Los angeles

    Holocaust hero Oskar Schindler's document elevates for auction 09 August 2013

    Rare documents that a historian expresses fill in some major gaps in the story of Holocaust hero Oskar Schindler have elevated for auction online. Interestingly, New Hampshire auctioneers RR Auction said on Wednesday the items which included blueprints for an...

    Keywords: RR Auction, RR Auction, Schindler's factory in Poland, Los Angeles-based auctioneer.

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    Los Angeles, Los Angeles, 100 year old s driving accident, Los angeles

    100-year-old's driving accident 30 August 2012

    11 people were hit by a 100year-old driving his car and accidentally instead of backing it up on the road he reversed it on to the sidewalk. The incident happened on Wednesday in south Los Angeles near an elementary school....

    Keywords: , Preston Carter, , Preston Carter

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    Los Angeles, bacteria, yoghurt consumption results in curing depression, Los angeles

    Yoghurt consumption results in curing depression! 03 June 2013

    Recent research declares that probiotics found in yogurt would help in amplifying a person's mood as they affect functioning of brain. Earlier studies have revealed that benign bacteria affected the brains of rats, but none of the  research analysis have...

    Keywords: health research, Kirsten Tillisch, health news update, bacteria

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    Sanitation in Los Angeles, biggest city in the US, los angeles prohibits free plastic bags, Los angeles

    Los Angeles prohibits free plastic bags! 26 June 2013

    Los Angeles came into being the biggest city in the US to prohibit free plastic bags in grocery stores while having it undermentioned in a city council vote on Tuesday. Furthermore, City News Service reported that the 9-1 vote supports...

    Keywords: Sanitation authorities Los Angeles, Los Angeles prohibits free plastic bags, Los Angeles prohibits free plastic bags, Los Angeles prohibits free plastic bags

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    Worldwatch Institute, Los Angeles, chinese pollution troubling us, Los angeles

    Chinese pollution troubling US 24 January 2014

    US National Academy of Sciences published a report that pollution from China travels to the United States across the Pacific ocean resulting in environmental and health problems unexpected side effects of US demand for cheap China-manufactured goods. This study was...

    Keywords: US National Academy of Sciences, Environmental regulations in China, Top Stories, air pollution in china

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    distasteful, los angeles, justin timberlake apologizes for prank video by friends, Los angeles

    Justin Timberlake apologizes for prank video by friends 30 October 2012

    Justin Timberlake, the pop singer who recently got married to the Hollywood star Jessica Biel had to offer an apology on Friday after his friends made a video featuring homeless people who congratulate the new couple as a joke. This...

    Keywords: , justin timberlake, los angeles, justin timberlake

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    Back problem, Mithun Chakraborty, mithun chakraborty takes one month break flies to la, Los angeles

    Mithun Chakraborty Takes One Month Break, Flies to LA 12 October 2016

    Bollywood Veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty is not well. It's been long time since the actor has been missing in action. The dancing legend was not even part of 'Dance India Dance' leaving his fans worried and curious. His manager has...

    Keywords: Health, Back problem, Health, Bollywood

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    basic diet fitness, health tips, development or deployment, Los angeles

    Development or deployment? 04 March 2013

    This makes me ask, 'do we need this kind of development?'... well, this is not called a development. This kind of change, if implemented in our system, this would be because of the result of we not changing our life...

    Keywords: parents, kids, suffering from obesity, kids

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    research on diabetes, diabetic health in men., sleep well to dominate diabetes, Los angeles

    Sleep well to dominate diabetes! 21 June 2013

    Scientists brought into the prominence from the US study that adequate sleep can decline the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in men. The conspicuousness of the research furthered by Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed), were furnished at...

    Keywords: diabetes in adult men, us research on diabetes, la biomed lead researcher, research on diabetes

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    foetal heart block treatment, congenital heart block, chla develops first micropacemaker to treat fetal heart blocks, Los angeles

    CHLA develops First Micropacemaker to treat fetal heart blocks 30 March 2015

    With the development of first implantable Micropacemaker even the heart blocks in Foetus can also be treated. A team of researchers from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and the University of Southern California (USC) have designed this micropacemaker. The study...

    Keywords: Micropacemaker to treat heart blocks, Micropacemaker to treat heart blocks, microfabrication techniques, congenital heart block

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    Justin Bieber robbery case, Attempted Robbery. Sherman Oaks Castle Park, justin bieber questioned in attempted robbery, Los angeles

    Justin Bieber questioned in Attempted robbery 14 May 2014

    Pop star singer Justin Bieber has been accused in an attempted robbery case by an unknown woman and the Los Angeles Police have investigated the 20 year old singer in this regards too. Going by the details, the incident took...

    Keywords: Justin Bieber robbery case, Hot Buzz, Justine Bieber in attempted robbery, Justin Bieber

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    Indian-Origin Journalist, Indian-Origin Journalist, prominent indian origin journalist fired as la times editor, Los angeles

    Prominent Indian-Origin Journalist Fired As LA Times Editor 22 August 2017

    Prominent Indian-Origin Journalist Fired As LA Times Editor:- After serving 28 years at the news organization, as part of a significant shake-up of the American daily’s top management, a prominent journalist of Indian-descent, Davan Maharaj has been ousted as the...

    Keywords: Indian-Origin Journalist, Davan Maharaj, Davan Maharaj, Davan Maharaj

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    Tony Scott, Tony Scott, top gun director tony scott jumps of a bridge dies, Los angeles

    Top Gun director Tony Scott jumps of a bridge, dies 20 August 2012

    Tony Scott, the director who was well known to the world after his smashing hit Top Gun starring Tom Cruise, had jumped of a county bridge in Los Angeles had died in the mishap. He had also been popular for...

    Keywords: Tom Cruise, suicide, Tony Scott, U S Coast Guard

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    New York, Google to sell  Internet glasses, google to sell internet glasses, Los angeles

    Google to sell Internet glasses... 21 February 2013

    Google is giving more people a chance to pay $1,500 for a pair of the Internet-connected glasses that the company is employing as the next breakthrough in mobile computing, and that the product was dubbed Google Glass" which will be...

    Keywords: US, google internet glasses, Sergey Brin, Google to sell Internet glasses

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    Omarosa Manigault, cedars sinai Medical Center, academy nominee michael duncan dies at 54, Los angeles

    Academy nominee Michael Duncan dies at 54 04 September 2012

    Noted actor Michael Clarke Duncan who is most prominently known for his prolific action in the Green Mile alongside Tom Hanks, had breathed his last today. His role as an inmate on the death row in the Green Mile had...

    Keywords: Omarosa Manigault, cedars sinai Medical Center, Michael Clarke Duncan, Michael Clarke Duncan

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    Taboo, , my husband has to approve the scripts sunny leone, Los angeles

    My husband has to approve the scripts: Sunny Leone 01 September 2012

    Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are a perfect couple with a heightened sense of chumminess putting them together. After dating for five years, they have been married for over an year. Daniel is now a Guitarist from Los Angeles and...

    Keywords: Bollywoord, Los Angeles, Bollywoord, Los Angeles

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    Los Angeles auction house, fashion photographer Milton Greene, marilyn monroe s photo to be sold along with copyrights, Los angeles

    Marilyn Monroe's photo to be sold along with copyrights 26 July 2013

    Beyond 3,700 photos of American pop icon Marilyn Monroe will be sold this weekend accompanying their copyrights and this exciting news has been announced on Thursday by a Los Angeles auction house. Further excitement includes the photos along with negatives,...

    Keywords: Milton Greene, Milton Greene, 3700 Marilyn Monroe photos to get auctioned, royalties

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    2014 Green car of Year, 2014 Green car of Year, honda accord hybrid is green car of year for 2014, Los angeles

    Honda Accord Hybrid is 'Green car of Year' for 2014 22 November 2013

    Honda Accord Hybrid has emerged as the  'Green car of Year' for 2014. The other contestants for this award were the diesel-powered BMW 328d and Audi A6 TDI, and the Toyota Corolla and Mazda3, both powered by gas. According to...

    Keywords: Los Angeles Auto Show, Honda Accord Hybrid is 'Green car of Year' for 2014, Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid is 'Green car of Year' for 2014

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