• Menopause issues with teeth, Menopause breaking updates, surprising symptoms of women during menopause, Mouth

    Surprising Symptoms Of Women During Menopause 02 November 2021

    Surprising Symptoms Of Women During Menopause:- Several physical changes or transitions take place in a human body and women undergo several changes after marriage and pregnancy. Some changes like menstrual cycles or menopause are natural and they come with a...

    Keywords: Menopause side effects, Menopause breaking updates, Menopause latest, Menopause impacts

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    mouthwashes latest, mouthwashes advantages, risk for coronavirus transmission may cut through daily mouthwash, Mouth

    Risk For Coronavirus Transmission May Cut Through Daily Mouthwash 13 August 2020

    Risk For Coronavirus Transmission May Cut Through Daily Mouthwash:- The usage of mouthwash on a regular basis will sure keep your mouth clean and fresh. A team of German scientists claimed that coronavirus can be inactivated using commercially available mouthwashes....

    Keywords: mouthwashes for coronavirus, mouthwashes advantages, mouthwashes in coronavirus season, mouthwashes for coronavirus

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    Keep In Mouth, Common Baby Feeding Problems, 5 common baby feeding problems, Mouth

    5 Common Baby Feeding Problems 26 September 2012

    All mothers complain of some common problems while feeding their child. This might be due to two reasons. One is, they are too naughty and simply love doing so, and the other is this that they hate eating what you...

    Keywords: Common Baby Feeding Problems, Own Hand, Keep In Mouth, Own Hand

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    Laxmmi movie mouth talk, Laxmmi movie latest news, akshay kumar s laxmmi gets thumbs down from the audience, Mouth

    Akshay Kumar's Laxmmi gets thumbs down from the Audience 10 November 2020

    Akshay Kumar's Laxmmi gets thumbs down from the Audience:- Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar is working without breaks and he is managing to release three films every year. All his recent films ended up as blockbusters and the actor emerged as...

    Keywords: Laxmmi movie twitter review, Laxmmi movie budget, Laxmmi movie release date, Laxmmi

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    mouth wash, teeth cleaning, white teeth naturally, Mouth

    White teeth, Naturally!!! 08 November 2012

    Not all teeth are naturally white, but all of us surely love white teeth. Teeth is one such thing on our face that cannot be accentuated artificially, they have to be good naturally... Here are some great home remedies for...

    Keywords: natural white teeth, natural white teeth, teeth cleaning, white teeth

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    Avoid thinking, Tips, get over problems, Mouth

    Get over problems 08 January 2014

    The easiest way to get over a problem is to stop giving it undue attention. Avoid thinking and talking about the problem all the time. Doing this will make the problem seem larger than it actually is. Remember, your mind...

    Keywords: Get over problems, thinking, problems, problem

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    oral health, oral bacteria, chewing gum improves oral health, Mouth

    Chewing gum improves oral health 27 January 2015

    A recent study has suggested that chewing gums helps to improve oral health by removing around 100 million bacteria from mouth in just 10 minutes. Netherland's University of Groningen researchers found out that chewing gum traps the bacteria within the...

    Keywords: bacteria in mouth, oral hygiene, oral health, oral health

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    damarukam screenplay, anushka rumours, damarukam success meet anushka zips bad mouths, Mouth

    Damarukam success meet: Anushka zips bad mouths 27 November 2012

    Sizzling hot Anushka Shetty marked her presence at a press meet on success of Damarukam today. Her presence came in as an utter shock to all those who have been trying their best for allegedly defaming Anushka by tagging her...

    Keywords: damarukam hit, anushka rumours, damarukam hit, anushka naga chaitanya birthday

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    Chaat, chat recipe, mouthwatering papdi chaat, Mouth

    Mouthwatering Papdi Chaat 13 December 2013

    Chaats are a favorite of everyone. Try this simple and healthy chat recipe at home. Ingredients 20 papdis or crisp puris 1 large Onion, chopped  finely 2 medium Potatoes boiled and thinly sliced 2 tbsp Pomegranate seeds 2 tbsp Tamarind...

    Keywords: food, healthy chat recipe, Chaat, papdis

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    mars Colony, Red Planet Rover, mars colony in 2023, Mouth

    Mars colony in 2023 05 June 2012

    Well this is not a real estate ad and I am not a real estate agent either. This is the scenario that is devised by a Dutch group. This group led by Bas Lansdorp, a researcher from the Netherlands with...

    Keywords: Plymouth Rocks, mars Colony, Plymouth Rocks, 2023

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    National University, turtle, chinese turtles urinate through mouth, Mouth

    Chinese turtles urinate through mouth 12 October 2012

    One often thinks that he's the supreme and knows the entire world after he crosses barely three to four decades. Same is the case with frog, which dwells in the well and thinks that the well is the world. But,...

    Keywords: Chinese soft shell turtle, National University, Chinese soft shell turtle, Chinese soft shell turtle

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    Upasana Kamineni trolled, Ram Charan, upasana kamineni shuts mouths of haters, Mouth

    Upasana Kamineni Shuts Mouths Of Haters 26 October 2016

    Upasana Kamineni, superstar Ram Charan’s wife, who has been criticized and trolled by Ram Charan’s fans over her looks after her marriage, has give a befitting reply of to her haters. Upasana’s great charity works and her leadership skills in...

    Keywords: Ram Charan, Upasana Kamineni trolled, Upasana Kamineni trolled, Upasana Kamineni trolled

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    Poonam pandey, Poonam pandey wallpapers., poonampandey s double mouth, Mouth

    Poonampandey’s double mouth 07 January 2012

    PoonamPandey, this Model without even a  single film a and star dome si much known today, for the main reason, she is the one who posed naked, semi nude and have thrown a option of strip tease of her in...

    Keywords: Poonam pandey wallpapers., Poonam pandey, Poonam pandey wallpapers., Poonam pandey wallpapers.

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    Oval Office, George W. Bush, obama s repeated foot in mouth moments, Mouth

    Obama's repeated foot in mouth moments 04 September 2013

    Got enough of pictures of Celebs in awkward poses? No? We're here's more from the President of the US of A himself. Obama was clicked in several 'rude' poses in his Oval office, which, unsurprisingly, drew considerable cirticism. Check out...

    Keywords: President Obama, pictures of Celebs in awkward poses, Obama's repeated foot in mouth moments, Obama's repeated foot in mouth moments

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    crunchy foods, vegetables, for a hassle free smile naturally, Mouth

    For a Hassle free smile... naturally! 23 November 2012

    No more worrying about the color of your teeth... apart from taking all that extra care for white teeth, here are 5 more tips that could help you polish your teeth to white; 1. Eat Crunchy Foods. Many fruits and...

    Keywords: healthy teeth, baking soda, polish of teeth, white teeth

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    PM, coalgate files, silent pm opens mouth at last, Mouth

    Silent PM opens mouth at last 03 September 2013

    Manmohan Singh is on the firing line again, blame it on the missing coalgate files. And cashing in on the opportunity is the opposition that is hellbent on ruining our PM's peace for it. Warning that the opposition should refrain...

    Keywords: PM, Manmohan speaks!, missing colagate files, Manmohan Singh

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    we hear the case of sexual abuse almost every day, fear from implementing your thoughts, change from within, Mouth

    Change from within 07 February 2013

    What??? Still in the process of thinking? Now, this is where the problem is... we women many times end up in the process of thinking on how our life and things should be but fail to implement the same. Reason...

    Keywords: fear from your family… fear from what people would think on you changing your personality or I would say implementing your original self… This fear is what that is making we women weaker from the opposite gender… this fear of we being weak being accepted by us is making others to rule us, fear from implementing your thoughts, don’t just think on what I said, fear from implementing your thoughts

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    one year, one year, is modi an exception of two mouth politicians, Mouth

    Is Modi an exception of two mouth politicians? 26 May 2015

    Politicians are two types, one who make promises and second who assure that they will keep the promises in future. The above phrase insists that the politicians are not action oriented.  Is Modi a two mouth politician or he is...

    Keywords: one year, BJP, one year, BJP

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    fake news on Amitabh's death, fake news on Amitabh's death, bad mouths kill bachchan saab, Mouth

    Bad mouths kill Bachchan saab! 27 June 2012

    Rumours on Amitabh Bachchan's death are rife and are going viral on Internet after a blog allegedly reported that Big B died in a road accident. The blog states that Amitabh Bachchan was identied dead by looking at his identity...

    Keywords: Bachchan saab, fake news on Amitabh's death, Rumours on Amitabh Bachchan's death,

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    ntr image used, ntr harikrishna, heroic image of ntr now being used to get clean image, Mouth

    Heroic image of NTR now being used to get clean image? 10 April 2013

    Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao aka NTR, the name that Andhra Pradesh would never forget is simply because this legendary person stands as a shining example of efficient politics. A man who was against corruption and developed Andhra Pradesh and got...

    Keywords: political parties use ntr photos, ntr photo used, ntr flexi row, ntr open mouth

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