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  • amazing photos, Red Bull Illume Image Quest, witness extreme sports captured in amazing pictures, Photography

    Witness extreme sports captured in amazing pictures 03 August 2013

    Breathtaking! These pictures are a compilation of the best images captured by extreme sport photographers. Each photograph tells a story of a very unique action that we do not otherwise see. From artistic to truly amazing, these pictures were submitted...

    Keywords: Stunning images if extreme sports., amazing photos, Extreme sports, Extreme sports photography

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    campus for JNFAU, Akkineni Nagarjuna, degree course in acting, Photography

    Degree Course in Acting 06 June 2013

    Now Graduation and Post Graduation degrees can be obtained from the Jawaharlal Nehru Fine Arts University. As per the MOU signed today between the JNFAU and Annapurna International School of Film and Media (AISFM), one can go for an Under...

    Keywords: MOU signed, specializations in courses, Post Graduate Degree Courses, President of AISFM

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    basics of photography, metering, camera wishesh understanding metering modes, Photography

    Camera Wishesh: Understanding metering modes 21 March 2013

    Before we begin a lesson that is of a level higher than being a mere beginner, go through the previous lesson once again, if you are not feeling confident enough to move on or if you are new here.

    Keywords: basics of photography, metering modes, basics of photography, understand lighting

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    , , ram charan wildlife photography, Photography

    Ram Charan Wildlife Photography 24 December 2019

    Keywords: , , ,

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    videos of the week, photography guide, good news for readers, Photography

    Good News for readers 14 February 2013

    Hello readers, hope you are all doing well. Wishesh Digital media is about to bring you more action than ever before. A day-specific exclusive column for every day of the week with your choicest topics would be covered by the...

    Keywords: literature, best travel destinations, career guidance, best travel destinations

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    Deep Depth of Field, exposure compensation, camera wishesh mini photography school, Photography

    Camera Wishesh: Mini Photography School 21 February 2013

    Good Afternoon readers, hope you are enjoying our daily special exclusive columns on HotBuzz section. Thursdays, we would like to share some of our camera gyaan with you and hence we have come up with a special column, Camera Wishesh...

    Keywords: exposure compensation, proper exposure, proper exposure, aperture

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    tilt shift photography, tilt shift photography tutorial, camera wishesh miniature faking or diorama effect, Photography

    Camera Wishesh: Miniature-faking or Diorama effect 25 April 2013

    Camera Wishesh is back with a bang today with an uber-cool effect that requires you to do more work than ever but at Wishesh we love to work harder for better results, don't we? With no further ado, let us...

    Keywords: miniature-faking tutorial, tilt shift photography, camera wishesh, miniature-faking

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    photography tutorials, iso, camera wishesh better exposure, Photography

    Camera Wishesh: Better Exposure 14 March 2013

    Good Afternoon, fellow shutterbugs. How did your pictures improve over the past few weeks? Little, greatly or none at all? Worry not, we shall go deeper and understand much more before taking better award winning pictures. By now, I assume...

    Keywords: better exposure, camera wishesh, dslr, shutterbug

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    monochrome, selective coloring, 5 cool photography effects, Photography

    5 cool photography effects 03 December 2012

    Have you had problems making your photos have that magical feeling that arouse interest in the users?  This is a common problem for anyone who has started out as a photographer. Worry not, here are a few simple techniques that...

    Keywords: vignette, long exposure, bokeh, monochrome

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    news in pictures., images from around the world, while china drowns america burns pics from east to west, Photography

    While China drowns, America burns - Pics from East to West 23 August 2013

    At home, we may have a million issues to deal with. But one of best solutions for peace of mind is to take a look at the big picture. Here, we literally present you pictures from around the world. Hopefully,...

    Keywords: news in pictures., amazing photography, images from around the world, amazing photography

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    flower wallpapers, flower wallpapers, camera wishesh flower photography tips and tricks, Photography

    Camera Wishesh: Flower photography tips and tricks 18 April 2013

    Hello folks. Long time, no see? It was a hectic week and there was lot of activity going around in town but worry not here is your weekly quota of lessons back in action. As a bonus, I have decided...

    Keywords: flower wallpapers, flower wallpapers, flower wallpapers, flower photography

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    photography as hobby, career wishesh questions, career wishesh importance of hobbies, Photography

    Career Wishesh: Importance of hobbies 27 March 2013

    Good morning friends, welcome to Career Wishesh-your window to the world of career. First of all, let me take an opportunity to wish you all a happy and joyful Holi. Going forward,  let us briefly discuss whether extra curricular activities...

    Keywords: importance of music, career wishesh questions, career wishesh, photography as career

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    how to look beautiful in pictures, simple way to look beautiful in images, 7 ways to look beautiful in photos, Photography

    7 ways to look beautiful in photos 21 April 2015

    Being photogenic is one of the luckiest thing for a women. We all know that every face and every picture won’t be perfect. It depends on the posture we stand, camera resolution, make up and many more things. Although if...

    Keywords: simple way to look beautiful in images, ways to look amazing in photos, tips to look slim in photos, how to look beautiful in pictures

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    photography, photography, confession after things go out of hand, Photography

    Confession after things go out of hand 27 May 2016

    He is passionate about photography, loving to take a snap of every beautiful thing around him. But not to the surprise of many, the parents of such passionate kid, are against his passion and wants him to move forward with...

    Keywords: photography, viral videos, thought provoking videos, viral videos

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    photography, a journey, slideshow a journey through life, Photography

    SLIDESHOW: A Journey through life! 14 March 2013

    Keywords: life and death, love, the life, photography

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    Hobby, man women relationship, don t have a hobby then choose from the following, Photography

    Don’t have a hobby? Then choose from the following! 28 March 2012

    We are so very busy with our routine that we can’t even think of doing something different. I have come across many women who say they don’t have any hobby… well, better late than never, if you wish to take...

    Keywords: Jewelry macking, man women relationship, Hobby, choose a hobby

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    camera wishesh, composition, camera wishesh more rules of composition, Photography

    Camera Wishesh: More rules of composition 04 April 2013

    Hello friends. Continuing the previous lesson of rules of composition, I will assume that you have a decent understanding of the rule of thirds. To take better pictures, there should be a balance in the way you compose the picture....

    Keywords: photography tutorial, rules of composition, photography tutorial, photography

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    Photography Makeup, find yourself dealing with light and dark, how to do photography makeup for that black white headshot, Photography

    How to do Photography Makeup for that Black & White Headshot 09 August 2012

    Doing headshot makeup can be the bread and butter of a makeup artist's career. But it's also the trickiest part of makeup, since you now find yourself dealing with light and dark, and not color when working on your client's...

    Keywords: , artist's career, Photography Makeup, Doing headshot makeup

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    capture photos, good poses, look your best, Photography

    Look your best 11 June 2013

    Today we all want to capture our best movement. But you have to prepare to look great in every photo whether its for profile or wedding or shooting. "Looking good in front of a camera is all about confidence. Practice...

    Keywords: makeup tips, posing naturally, indoor photos, photography

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