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    Snake Surprise

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    Give a practical “T” solution not suggestions & troubles to public: Congress 04 October 2011

    Abhishek Singhvi All India Congress Committee official spokesman on Monday affirmed that the high command was determinedly studying the report submitted by Congress in-charge of state affairs Ghulam Nabi Azad on the situation in Telangana. Abhishek Singhvi said that the...

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    Duck and walk!

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    Antony Committee, Antony Committee, students to join hands practically, Practical

    Students To Join Hands Practically 26 August 2013

    Five lakh hands of the students are going to join to make a huge human chain in the district of Vizianagaram at Seven Roads Junction.   The traffic on the National Highway stretch of 175 kms from Paidi Bhimavaram to...

    Keywords: Antony Committee, Government Committee on AP bifurcation, Samaikyandhra Movement, Antony Committee

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    eyes, eyes, 4 practical eye tips you should know, Practical

    4 practical eye tips you should know 06 August 2015

    These are the those eye tips which you need to follow with no more delay. Check out them. 1. Tap water is dangerous to eyes Tap water contains infection causing pathogens. Make sure that water does not touch the eyelids...

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    Babe Magnet

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    Jr.NTR, Telugu cinema, jr n t r a practical man, Practical

    Jr. N.T.R, a practical Man! 14 October 2011

    In today’s era of more and younger Heroes coming up and many of them also proving to be successful, the existence of any actor for that matter has become more than difficult. In order to make a movie, that audience...

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    factor, X factor, getting un noticed, Practical

    Getting UN – Noticed? 26 December 2011

    You are smart, intelligent, independent, sensible, loving and caring, responsible, a perfect example of today’s Woman, whom every guy want to get cozy. Even then, not many people you like are interested to look you, take an initiative to come...

    Keywords: look and judge yourself, perfect example of today’s Woman, perfect example of today’s Woman, X factor

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    Practical Advice, Revisit old moves, learn some kamasutra if you can, Practical

    Learn some 'Kamasutra' if you can 14 August 2012

    The Kamasutra, written sometime in the 3rd century by a north Indian scholar called Vatsyayana Mallanaga, means literally, the Treatise on Pleasure. Not an exact equivalent of our modern day How To books, the Kamasutra is part high art, part...

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    Budget, Finance tips, practically save your money like this, Practical

    Practically save your money like this 24 April 2015

    You planned a budget in the beginning of the month and just after a week, you came to know that you are going out of it or unable to tackle it, try this way. Example :  If you are budgeted...

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    online friends, viral videos, practical experiment threat from online friends, Practical

    Practical experiment: Threat from online friends 11 August 2015

    “See you tomorrow, happy to meet you, after long time I met you.” The meaning for the dialogues like these are changing day by day. ‘See you tomorrow’ means ‘I will chat with you tomorrow’ online. ‘Happy to meet you’...

    Keywords: social networking sites, social networking sites, viral videos, viral videos

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    Kind of relationship, run away from responsibility, parasite or pain for life, Practical

    ‘Parasite’ or ‘Pain’ for life? 23 December 2011

    At least in practicality love is not just about giving all the time. For any kind of relationship to survive or last long, the give and take of time, love, affection and sometimes even money has to be 100% from...

    Keywords: relationship to survive, unconditional love, emotional parasite, practicality love

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    Civil Supplies Minister, Chief minister Kiran Kumar reddy, amma hastam practical problems, Practical

    Amma Hastam practical problems 06 May 2013

    A long discussion for 3 hours went on at Secretariat today to solve the practical problems faced in the implementation of the Amma Hastam Scheme. Civil Supplies Minister Sridhara Babu held the meeting with the subcommittee. After the meeting, the...

    Keywords: Sridhara Babu, Sridhara Babu, Sridhara Babu, Kiran kumar reddy

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    believe in democracy, Party does not spend any money, impractical opposition, Practical

    Impractical Opposition 15 May 2013

    There is an opposition party in a State that is very impractical in its way of functioning.   For the purpose of addressing, let us here in after call it The Party. 1. The Party announces its own programs but...

    Keywords: Party announces its own programs, Party does not spend any money, believe in democracy, opposition party in a State

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    elections, Parliment, impractical opposition 2, Practical

    Impractical Opposition-2 17 May 2013

    (There is an opposition party in a State that is very impractical in its way of functioning. For the purpose of addressing, let us here in after call it The Party. The Party’s way of political functioning was detailed in...

    Keywords: opposition party india, elections 2014, capable party leaders, Indian politics

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    Personality development tips, practical tips, over good is injurious, Practical

    Over good is injurious 04 August 2015

    Be it at our work place or any other place, we might be well appreciated for our work regularly. But remember, getting appreciations regularly, can sometimes end up, giving utmost negative results like, people being separated from you or your...

    Keywords: Personality development tips, Personality development tips, relations tips, Personality development tips

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